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NTSE MAT Quiz - 23


Logical Reasoning

DIRECTIONS. Q1-5: Find the odd one among the choices given for each of these questions

    (a)  Earth
(b)  Venus
(c)  Pluto
(d)  Mars

(a) Advise
(b) Suggest
(c) Recommend
(d) Advice

(a) Gitar
(b) Piano
(c) Sitar
(d) Veena

(a) Apple
(b) Nokia
(c) Dell
(d) Asus

(a) 25
(b) 36
(c) 144
(d) 99

DIRECTIONS. Q:6-10: These questions are based on the following information:

Four players A, B, C and D are holding 4 cards each. Each of them has an Ace, a King a Queen and a Jack. All of them have all the suits (spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds).
    I. A has Ace spades and Queen diamonds.
   II. B has Ace club and King diamond
  III. C has Queen clubs and King spades
   IV. D has Jack of clubs

Q6: Jack of hearts is with?

(a) A
(b) B
(c) C
(d) D

Q7: Queen of Spade is with?

    (a) A
    (b) B
    (c) C
    (d) D

Q8: C has which of the following with him?

(a) King of hearts
(b) Jack of spade
(c) Ace of hearts
(d) Queen of spades

Q9: D has which of the following with him?

(a) King of clubs
(b) King of hearts
(c) Queen of hearts
(d) Ace of hearts

Q10: Ace of diamond is with?

(a) A
(b) B
(c) C
(d) D

DIRECTIONS: Q:11-12: Each of these questions consists of a problem followed by four alternatives. Select the correct solution from among the alternatives given with each question.

Q11: Two men and five boys together can finish a piece of work in four days, while three men and six boys can finish it in three days, Find the time taken by one boy alone to finish the work.

(a) 46 days
(b) 35 days
(c) 45 days
(d) 36 days

Q12: A man has some hens and cows. If the number of heads is 48 and the number of feet equals 140, the number of hens will be

(a) 26
(b) 24
(c) 23
(d) 22

Q13: Which is the fourth letter to the right side of the fourth vowel in English alphabet?

(a) Q
(b) S
(c) F
(d) P

Q14: To compare a mound with a mountain is like comparing a tree with

(a) planet
(b) land
(c) forest
(d) orchard

Q15: How many numbers between 8 to 101 are exactly divisible by 10 but not 5?

(a) 10
(b) 5
(c) 2
(d) None of these

1: (c) Pluto (Pluto is dwarf planet rest are planets)
2: (d) [rest are verbs]
3: (b) Piano [rest are string instruments]
4: (b) Nokia [rest are computer manufacturers]
5: (d) 99 [rest are perfect squares]
6: (a) A
7: (d)
8: (c)
9: (b)
11:(a) 46 days
12:(a) 26
13:(b) S
14:(c) forest
15:(d) None of these

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