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 English Vocabulary

Day 1: Amid, Dismantle, Obligate, Sticky Wicket, Farcical
Day 2: Intrude, Braid, To slam, To summon, Maestro
Day 3: Narrative, To bite the bullet, Edifice, Dance to a new tune, To slump
Day 4: Inflation, To avert, Apex, Verdict, Utopia
Day 5: Surge, Probe, Privilege, Connoisseur, Intervention
Day 6: Heritage, To litter, Vengeance, To slay, Terse
Day 7: Stalking, Hoarding, Stereotype, To lash out, Barren
Day 8: Illiberal, Inmate, Abattoir, Grope
Day 9: To brace, To linger, To sack, To call off, Infiltrator,
Day 10: To restrain, To stress, Acquittal, To intimidate, To siphon off
Day 11: To elevate, To defy, To distract, To immerse, To Steer
Day 12: Purge, Convergence, Anecdotal, Deadlock
Day 13: To Defuse, Solace, Angst, disillusionment, to recant
Day 14: Sanitisation, Crackdown, Intolerance, To impede, Amnesty
Day 15: Revenge, To vow, To deck up, To breach, Gaze
Day 16: Graft, Wager, To bar, Forensic, Divisive

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