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English Vocabulary - Commonly Confused Words (Part-3)(#eduvictors)(#englishvocabulary)

Commonly Confused Words 

English Vocabulary 
English Vocabulary - Commonly Confused Words (Part-3)(#eduvictors)(#englishvocabulary)

English is full of phrases or words, which sound the same or comparable yet have distinctive meanings and are sometimes confusing too. Here is the third list of commonly confused words.

Amoral, Immoral
Amoral not concerned with right or wrong
Immoral means not following the accepted moral standards

Annual, Annul
Annual means yearly,
annul means to make void or invalid.

Anyone, Any one
Anyone means anybody or any person at all,
Any one implies any one person and is followed by 'of'

Appraise, Apprise
Appraise means to assess or estimate,
Apprise is to inform someone or notify.

Ascent, Assent
Ascent is an upward movement, rising or climbing up.
Assent means agreement, approval.

Assistance, Assistants
Assistance means help or aid.
Assistants means persons who give help.

Aural, Oral
Aural means related to hearing
Oral means related to mouth, spoken

Assure, Ensure, Insure
Assure means guarantee,
Ensure means to make sure,
Insure means to protect against loss or damage or risk.

Auger, Augur
Auger is a tool,
Augur means to predict.

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