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Class 11 - Mid Term Sample Question Papers (2019-20)

Physics Syllabus (2017-18)
Simple Physics Quiz 
Ch2 Range of Measurements
Ch2 -  Error Analysis
Ch2 - Dimension Analysis
Ch2 - Units and Measurements (MCQs)
Physical Constants
Physicists and Their Major Contributions
Types of Vectors

Ch3 Motion in Straight Line - 1
Ch3 Motion in Straight Line - 2   
Physics JEE/NEET Engineering or PMT Entrance Quiz (Set-3)(Kinematics)

Motion In a Straight Line (Revision Test)

Projectile Motion (Assignment Sheet)

Work Energy Power (Revision Test)
Work Energy Power (Assignment -1)

Laws Of Motion (Revision Test)
Physics JEE/NEET Engineering or PMT Entrance Quiz (Laws of Motion) (Set-5) 
Gravitation - Understanding Mass and Weight
Gravitation - Kepler's Laws
Gravitation - Kepler's Laws - Numerical Problems with Answers

Centre Of Mass and Rotational Motion (Assignment)

Class 11 - Physics - Half Year Sample Question Paper (2018-19)


Computer Science

CH1 - Computer Overview
 Python Basics - String Manipulation (Part-2)
 Python Basics - List Manipulation (Part-1) Q & A
Python Basics - List Manipulation (Part-2) Q & A

Computer Science Syllabus (2017-18)
Simple C++ Snippets (Part-1)
Simple C++ Snippets (Part-2)
Simple C++ Snippets (Part-3)
Simple C++ Snippets (Part-4)
Simple C++ Snippets (Part-5) 
Computer Fundamentals (MCQs)
Simple C++ Snippets (Part-6)
Programming Languages
Generations Of Computers

C++ Sumita Arora Textbook Solutions
CH1 - Computer Overview
CH5 - User Define Functions (Q & A)
CH6 - Getting Started With C++
CH11 - Flow Of Control

SA1-Computer Science - Sample Question Paper
Computer Science (C++) Half Year Exam - Question Paper (2018-19)
Computer Science (C++) Annual Question Paper (2018-19)
Worksheet on Database Management Systems




English - Reading Comprehension
English - Reading Comprehension (class-12 2017 Exam Paper Question)

Reading Comprehension(Set-4)
Common Official Sentences
Cloze Test-2
Cloze Test-3

English Grammar Quiz
Kinds of Sentences (Part 1)
One Word Substitution (List of 20 Words) or Play Quiz
Commonly Misspelt Words
Nouns That Exist In Plural Form
Commonly Used Latin Phrases
Phrasal Prepositions
13 Fun Facts about English Words
A Quiz On Shakespeare's Plays
Words to Use Instead of 'Very'
Common Errors In English Usage
Cloze Test and Error Correction

English Hornbill - Chapter Notes, Questions & Answers

The Portrait of A Lady - By Khuswant Singh (Chapter Summary)
We are not afraid to die... (Summary)
Discovering Tut: The Saga Continues... (Q & A)
Class 11 English Core - Unit Test Paper 1 (2019-20)

Business Studies


The concept of set serves as a fundamental part of present-day mathematics. Today this concept is being used in almost every branch of mathematics. Sets are used to define the concepts of relations and functions. The study of geometry, sequences, probability, etc. requires the knowledge of sets.

The theory of sets was developed by German mathematician Georg Cantor (1845-1918).

Here are NCERT Solutions for Chapter Sets.

 Special Mathematical Constants
 SETS (Unit Test Paper)
SETS (Operations of Sets)
SETS (NCERT Ex 1.4 Q1-Q5)
SETS (NCERT Ex 1.4 Q6 - Q8)
SETS (NCERT Ex 1.4 Q9 - Q12)
Laws of Set Operations
Maths Annual Test Paper (2018-19)



Python Basics (Q & A)
 Python Basics (Q & A) Part-2
 Python Basics - Variables (Q & A)
 Python Basics - Literals (Q & A)
 Python Basics - Augmented Assignment Operators
 Python Basics - String Manipulation (Part-1)
 Python Basics - String Manipulation (Part-2)
 Python Basics - List Manipulation (Part-1) Q & A
 Python Basics - List Manipulation (Part-2) Q & A
 Python Basics - Numpy Arrays (Part - 1) Q & A
 Python Basics - Numpy Arrays (Part-2) Q & A