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PHYSICS MCQs FOR NEET - IIT JEE EXAMINATION (SET-5)(#NEETMCQs)(#eduvictors)(#JEE)(#PhysicsMCQs)(#class11Physics)


PHYSICS MCQs FOR NEET - IIT JEE EXAMINATION (SET-5)(#NEETMCQs)(#eduvictors)(#JEE)(#PhysicsMCQs)(#class11Physics)

Topics Covered: Laws of Motion, Circular Motion

Q1: In a tug-of-war match, one team is pulling with a force of 500 N. If they are exactly balanced by the other team, then the tension in the rope is?

   (a) 0
   (b) 250 N
   (c) 500 N
   (d) 1000 N

Q2: A particle of mass 0.3 kg is subjected to a force F = kx with k= 15 N/m. What will be its initial acceleration if it is released from a point 20 cm away from the origin.

   (a) 3 m/s² 
   (b) 15 m/s²
   (c) 5m/s² 
   (d) 10 m/s²

Q3: A block of mass 2 kg rests on a rough inclined plane making an angle of 30° with the horizontal. The coefficient of static of friction between the block and the plane is 0.7. The frictional force on the block is:

  (a) 9.8 N
  (b) 0.7 ✕ 9.8 ✕√3 N
  (c) 9.8 ✕√3 N
  (d) 0.7 ✕ 9.8 N

Q4: Assertion (A): Frictional forces are conservative forces
       Reason (R):  Potential energy can be associated with frictional forces

  (a) A and R both are true and R is correct explanation of A
  (b) A and R are true but R is not correct explanation of A
  (c) A is correct but R is wrong
  (d) Both A and R are wrong

Q5: When a rigid body rotates about an axis and the external torque is zero, then for that body _____ is constant.

  (a) angular velocity
  (b) moment of inertia
  (c) linear momentum
  (d) angular momentum

Q6: If a body looses half of its velocity on penetrating 3 cm into a wooden block, then how much will it penetrate more before coming to rest? 

   (a) 1 cm 
   (b) 2 cm
   (c) 3 cm 
   (d) 4 cm

Q7: An annular ring with inner and outer radii R₁ and R₂ is rolling without slipping with a uniform angular speed. The ratio of the forces experienced by the two situated on the inner and outer parts of the ring is:

   (a) R₂/R₁ 
   (b) R₁/R₂
   (c)  1
   (d) R₁ × R₂ 

Q8: A ball of mass 0.2 kg is thrown vertically upwards by applying a force by hand. If the hand moves 0.2 m while applying the force and the ball goes upto 2 m height further, find the magnitude of the force. (Consider g = 10 m/s²).

  (a) 4N 
  (b) 16N 
  (c) 20N 
  (d) 22N

Q9: A motorcyclist is going on an overbridge of radius R. The driver drives with a constant speed. As the motor cycle is ascending on the overbridge, the normal force on it

 (a) increases 
 (b) decreases
 (c) remains unchanged 
 (d) fluctuates

Q10: What are the effects if force is acting on a moving body in a direction perpendicular to the direction of motion?

  (a) The speed changes uniformly
  (b) The acceleration changes uniformly
  (c) The direction of motion changes
  (d) All of these

1: (c) 500 N
2: (d) 10 m/s²
3: (a) 9.8 N
4: (d) Both A and R are wrong
5: (d) angular momentum
6: (a) 1 cm 
7: (b) R₁/R₂
8: (d) 22N
9:  (a) increases 
10:  (c) The direction of motion changes

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