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CBSE Class 9 - Biology - Plant Tissues (MCQs) (#eduvictors)(#class9biology)(#plantTissues)

CBSE Class 9 - Biology - Plant Tissues (MCQs)

CBSE Class 9 - Biology - Plant Tissues (MCQs) (#eduvictors)(#class9biology)(#plantTissues)

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Q1: Which of the following has the ability to divide ?

 (a) Xylem

 (b) Phloem

 (c) Meristematic Tissues

 (d) Permanent Tissues

Q2: The growth is plants is

(a) limited to certain regions

(b) uniform in all parts

(c) limited to top region

(d) limited to roots only.

Q3: Which of the following are parenchyma cells with chlorophyll content ?

  (a) Aerenchyma

  (b) Collenchyma

  (c) Sclerenchyma

  (d) Chlorenchyma

Q4: Intercalary meristems are found 

  (a) at internodes and base of leaves

  (b) at growing tips of roots

  (c) beneath the bark

  (d) at the tips of the stem

Q5: Which of the followings is not and element of xylem tissues

  (a) Tracheids

  (b) Vessels

  (c) Sieve-Tubes

  (d) Xylem Fibres

Q6: Which of the followings is the living element of xylem parenchyma ?

  (a) Tracheids

  (b) Xylem parenchyma

  (c) Xylem fibres

  (d) Vessels

Q7: Which of the followings is the dead components of phloem tissues ?

  (a) Seive cells

  (b) Seive tubes

  (c) Phloem fibres

  (d) Phloem parenchyma

Q8: Which of the followings lack vacuoles in their cytoplasm ?

  (a) Meristematic Tissues

  (b) Permanent Tissues

  (c) Epidermal Tissues

  (d) Cork Cambium

Q9: Cells of the tissue have dense cytoplasm, thin cellulose walls and prominent vacuoles. Identify the tissue.

(a) Collenchyma

(b) Sclerenchyma

(c) Meristem

(d) Parenchyma

Q10: Which of the following have a thick waxy coating of cutin on the epidermis ?

  (a) Aquatic Plants

  (b) Desert Plants

  (c) Both ( a ) and ( b )

  (d) None of the above

Q11: Which of the chemical substance helps the cork tissues impervious to fluid ?

 (a) Lignin

 (b) Suberin

 (c) Cutin

 (d) Pectin

Q12: Which of the chemical substance is present in the cell wall of sclerenchyma ?

 (a) Lignin

 (b) Suberin

 (c) Cutin

 (d) Pectin

Q13: The Husk of the coconut is made up of ________ tissue ?

  (a) Parenchyma Tissues

  (b) Apical meristem Tissues

  (c) Sclerenchyma Tissues

  (d) Collenchyma Tissues

Q14: Which is the following is a vascular tissues ?

  (a) Epidermis

  (b) Cork Cambium

  (c) Xylem

  (d) Parenchyma Tissues

Q15: Bending of various parts of a plant like tendrils or stems is due to the presence of which tissue?

  (a) Parentchyma

  (b) Collenchyma

  (c) Sclerenchyma

  (d) Chlorenchyma


1: (c) Meristematic Tissues

2: (a) limited to certain regions

3: (d) Chlorenchyma 

4: (a) at internodes and base of leaves

5: (c) Sieve-Tubes

6: (b) Xylem parenchyma

7: (c) Phloem fibres

8: (a) Meristematic Tissues

9: (c) Meristem

10: (b) Desert Plants

11: (b) Suberin

12: (a) Lignin

13: (c) Sclerenchyma Tissues

14: (c) Xylem

15: (b) Collenchyma

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