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Adventure Sports - (Questions and Answers)(#class11PhysicalEducation)(#cbse2020)(#eduvictors) CBSE Class 11 - Physical Education - Chapter - Physical Activity and Leadership Training

Adventure Sports - (Questions and Answers)

CBSE Class 11 - Physical Education - Chapter - Physical Activity and Leadership Training 

Adventure Sports - (Questions and Answers)(#class11PhysicalEducation)(#cbse2020)(#eduvictors) CBSE Class 11 - Physical Education - Chapter - Physical Activity and Leadership Training

Q1: What are adventure sports?

Answer: Adventure sports activities are the risky and dangerous activities which are mostly performed in natural environment. These are the activities which give us exciting or unusual experience with uncertain outcome.

These activities are also termed as extreme sports. These activities gained their popularity in 1960 onward.

Adventure sports comprise of very wide range of activities like mountaineering, rock climbing, trekking, sailing, river rafting, kayaking, camping, skiing, scuba diving, parasailing, paragliding, surfing, etc.

Q2: What is the main aim of adventure sports?

Answer: The main aim of adventure sports is to provide a carefully planned stimulating environment which will help each individual and excellent foundation for creative learning and independence.

Q3: What are the objectives of adventure sports?

Answer: Objectives of adventure sports- 

(i) Minimise pollution 

(ii) Protection of wildlife 

(iii) Use of natural resources 

(iv) Understanding nature 

(v) Healthy activity 

(vi) Information about area 

(vii) Leadership and togetherness 

(viii) Develop physical fitness 

(ix) Gives thrill and recreation 

(x) Overcome problems and develops creativity 

(xi) Organisational skills 

(xii) Encourage tourism 

(xiii) Considering safety tools 

(xiv) Knowledge about forest resources.

Q4: Write a short a note and list of equipments used in the following adventure sports:

(a) Rock Climbing

(b) Mountaineering

(c) Trekking

(d) River rafting

(e) Surfing

(f) Paragliding


(a) Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an activity in which participants climbs up or down or across natural rock formation. The goal is to reach the summit or top of a formation or the end point of a pre-defined route without falling.

Equipments: Climbing shoes, climbing chalk, climbing rope, harnesses, carabiners, clippers, belay device, bolts, hexes, pitons, climbing helmet, safety belt, safety hooks etc.

(b) Mountaineering

Mountaineering or mountain climbing is an old activity of climbing up or scaling the steep slopes of a mountain side in hopes of reaching the summit or top.

Equipments: Snow climbing shoes, snow cutter, hex, axe, climbing rope, nails, harness, carabiners, clippers, belay device, trekking compass, bolts, piton, safety belt, climbing helmet, safety hooks, snow gloves, high energy packed food, etc.

(c) Trekking

Trekking is a long adventurous journey undertaken on foot in areas where common means of transport are generally not available.

Equipments: Tent, sleeping bags, water bottle, mug, pan, rope, safety kit, first aid kit, trekking map of area, knife, binocular, backpack or rucksack, etc.

(d) River rafting

River rafting is also named a s white water rafting. It is a challenging recreational outdoor activity using a boat or raft to navigate over the flow of river.

Equipments: Safe raft, swim raft, swim suit, life jacket, raft push, knowledge of swimming and following the expert or lifeguard instructions, knowledge about river flow and its curver, safe destination point, etc.

Adventure Sports - (Questions and Answers)(#class11PhysicalEducation)(#cbse2020)(#eduvictors) CBSE Class 11 - Physical Education - Chapter - Physical Activity and Leadership Training

(e) Surfing

It is a water in which the wave rider referred as “surfer” rides on moving wave balancing on the surfing board.

Equipments: Good surfing board, swim suit, life jacket, etc.

(f) Paragliding

It is a recreational, thrilling and competitive adventure sports of flying with paraglider. Paraglider is a lightweight free flying foot launched glider aircraft with no rigid primary structure.

Instructions- The paraglider should follow the instructions of single lifeguard or should be accompanied by expert. He should consider safety measure during this activity.

Equipments: Wing or canopy, Harness, Variometer, Radio and GPS.

Q5: What are the causes of sports injuries?

Answer: Causes of sports injuries are:

(i) Lack of fitness 

(ii) Poor concentration 

(iii) Overstress or tension 

(iv) Not performing warming up 

(v) Equipment failure 

(vi) Faulty skill actions 

(vii) Not following rules 

(viii) Aggresion or violence 

(ix) Poor playfield 

(x) Not considering safety measure 

(xi) Not wearing protective gaurds 

(xii) Wrong Training methods 

(xiii) Wrong treatment of injury.

Q6: What are the safety measures to prevent sports injuries?

Answer: Safety measures to prevent sports injuries: 

(i) Proper warming up 

(ii) Medical check before activity 

(iii) Proper concentration 

(iv) Safety gaurds and check equipments 

(v) Regular Conditioning and proper skill 

(vi) Sufficient physical fitness 

(vii) Consider safety means 

(viii) Proper and safe environment 

(ix) Activity under expert’s observation 

(x) Good coaching skills 

(xi) Follow rules and regulations 

(xii) Consider sports ethics and sportsmanship 

(xiii) Controlling aggression and violence 

(xiv) Proper training methods 

(xv) Follow training principles 

(xvi) Balanced diet and good posture 

(xvii) Knowledge of health education and first aid 

(xviii) Training regarding safe escape

Q7: What are the safety measures in rock climbing?

Answer: Safety Measures in rock climbing are:

1. Choose appropriate venue.

2. Find an experienced mentor.

3. Always check harness and all equipment.

4. Check your knot.

5. Do not cross your legs etc.

Q8(MCQ): Which of the following is a water sport?

(a) River Rafting 

(b) Skate boarding

(c) Trekking 

(d) Sky-diving

Answer: (a) River Rafting 


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