Thursday 25 February 2021

Class 11 Biology Annual Sample Question Paper 2020-21 (#class11Biology)(#eduvictors)(#cbsepapers)

Class 11 Biology Annual Sample Question Paper  2020-21

Class 11 Biology Annual Sample Question Paper  2020-21 (#class11Biology)(#eduvictors)(#cbsepapers)
Learning is a continual process. To improve scores, the best way is to learn and practice. Solving question papers help students to evaluate their knowledge and familarise with different types of question patterns being asked in examination. 

Biology can primarily be divided into two separate branches. These branches are zoology and botany. Zoology comprises the study of animals, while botany consists of the study of plants.What is life? What are life processes? How do plants breathe? How living organisms are organised and classified, what the structure and functions of cells are, and all about the physiology of plants and human beings. The Class 11 Biology covers all these topics.

Eduvictors provides CBSE Previous Year Papers and Sample Question Papers for Class 11 Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English and Computer Science with/without solutions to help students in their board exam preparation.

1. CBSE New Pattern 15 Sample Paper Biology Class 11 for 2021 Exam with reduced Syllabus

2. Oswaal CBSE Sample Question Paper Class 11 Biology Book (Reduced Syllabus for 2021 Exam)

Here attached the Biology Sample Question Paper (2020-2021).

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