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Commonly Confused Words (Part-2) - English Vocabulary (#EnglishVocabulary)(#eduvictors)

Commonly Confused Words 

English Vocabulary 
Commonly Confused Words  (Part-2)  - English Vocabulary  (#EnglishVocabulary)(#eduvictors)

Hope you have read and liked the Part-1 post. Here is another list of the most common confusing words.

All right, Alright
All right is the correct form, it means 'in a satisfactory manner' or 'fairly well'
Alright is grammatically incorrect, often used in informal communication.

Along, A long
Along means moving or extending horizontally on
A long refers to something of great length

Aloud, Allowed
Aloud means 'out loud', speaking so that someone else can hear you,
Allowed means permitted

Allude, Elude
Allude means to refer to
Elude means to doge or escape

Allusion, Illusion
Allusion means reference, hint or implied.
Illusion means deception, mirage.

Always, All ways
Always means all the time, forever.
All ways means all possible methods or by every way.

Alter, Altar
Alter (verb) means to change or to modify.
Altar (noun) means a structure upon which a sacrifice is made.

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