Saturday 16 November 2019

English Vocabulary - Commonly Confused Words (Part-4)(#eduvictors)(#englishvocabulary)

Commonly Confused Words 

English Vocabulary 

English is full of phrases or words, which sound the same or comparable yet have distinctive meanings and are sometimes confusing too. Here is the third list of commonly confused words.

Bad, Badly
Bad means poor quality is used as an adjective after verbs like am, feel, is,
    Badly means unsatisfactory, inadequate and is used as an adverb.

Bait, Bate
Bait means Bait means food or other enticement placed, as a lure, on a hook, or in a trap.
While bate refers to someone who has haldly dares to breathe, to moderate.

Bail, Bale
Bail generally refers to money deposited to gain a prisoner's freedom,
Bale is a large, bound or wrapped package of unprocessed material.

Bare, Bear
Bare means naked;
bear a large animal and also means to carry. 

Bazaar, Bizarre  
Bazaar is an exhibition, market, or fair;
Bizarre means weird, alien.

Beach, Beech
Beech is a type of tree;
While beach is a landform alongside a body of water which consists of loose particles like sand, pebbles, gravels.

Beside, Besides
Beside means "next to";
Besides is an adverb or preposition that means "also, additionally".

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