Tuesday 7 August 2012

Colours in Idioms

A red carpet welcome

Colours in Idioms

Colours play an important role in our lives. Colours in idioms convey different meanings. Here is a list of few idioms on colours

➊. Black Market: an underground market where things are bought or sold illegally.

e.g. You can get forty two inch LCD television much cheaper at the black market but there is no guarantee about its parts.

➋. Out of the blue: an unexpected event.

e.g. Shyam has not been working since January. Last week a job offer came out out of the blue.

➌. The red carpet: a special celebrity event.

e.g. When Saina Nehwal visited, our town rolled out a the red carpet. The mayor hosted a dinner in her honour.

➍. Red tape: excessive bureaucratic regulation.
e.g. Want to renew your driving license, it is not so easy. you have to go through a lot of red tape.

➎. A white lie: a minor lie considered harmless.
e.g. If your wife asks whether she is pretty, what would you say? A white lie!

➏. To feel blue: feel gloomy, unhappy.
e.g. I was alone on my birthday and was feeling blue.

➐. Green with envy: very jealous.
e.g. Monika was green with envy when she heard that Sonika had won a lottery.

➑. The green light: getting an approval.
e.g. Our loan has sanctioned, we have the green light to start our business.

➒. In the pink: in good health.
e.g. Hope my letter finds you happy and in the pink condition.

➓. In the black: earning more money than spending
e.g. He need not worry about the money. He is always in the black.

➊➊. In the red: losing money.
e.g. Our government has been operating in the red for last five years.

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