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Class 9 - English - Communicative Workbook - Unit 1 - Verb Forms

Class 9 - English - Communicative Workbook -
Unit 1 - Verb Forms

1. Simple Past and Past Perfect

Q1: Complete this story by Julius Lester. Choose the correct forms of the words given in the brackets.
Passed/have passed?
Brer Rabit had decided gardening was too much hard work. So he went back to his old ways of eating from everybody else’s garden. Earlier, he had made a tour through the community to see what everybody was planting that summer and his eye was caught by Brer Fox’s peanut patch. Soon as the peanuts were ready, Brer Rabbit had decided to make his acquaintance with them. Every night he ate his fill and even started bringing his family. Brer Fox had a good idea who was eating his peanuts, but he couldn’t catch him. He inspected his fence and finally found a small hole on the north side. He tied a rope with a loop knot and put it inside the hole. If anybody stepped in it, the rope would grab his leg and hoist him up in the air. 
That night Brer Rabbit had come down/came to the peanut patch. He climbed through the hole and WHO OSH! Next thing he had known he was hanging in the air upside down. There wasn’t a thing he could do, so he made himself comfortable to catch a little sleep! 

(a) had decided
(b) went
(c) had made
(d) had been was planting

(e) was caught
(f) were
(g) had decided
(h) ate
(i) had
(j) found
(k) stepped
(l) had come down/came
(m) had known
(n) wasn't

Q1.1 Answer the following questions based on the story you have read.
(a) What had Brer Rabbit found out? ...
(a) That gardening was a very complex task for him.

(b) The Rabbit decided to make his acquaintance with them.
(c) Through the fence, he entered Brer Fox's peanut patch.
(d) Brer Fox laid a trap to catch the rabbit. He tied a rope with a loop knot and put it inside the hole.

2. Here is a news story about how crops are saved by climate-proofing them. Complete it by choosing the right words from those given in the brackets.
(a) has been the effect ...
(b) has had
(c) have focused
(d) have been
(e) has been
(f) are
(g) have focused
(h) have given
(i) have shifted

2.1. Answer the questions based on your reading of the passage above.
(a) What have been the most worrying aspects of agricultural growth?
Answer: Its affect on climate change.

(b) What do scientists today focus on?
Answer: How to make the crops 'climate proof'.

(c) Where is the negative impact of climate most felt?
Answer: Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

(d) What have the scientists focussed on so far?
Answer:  Increasing crop yield.

(e) How has their attention shifted?
Answer: rising droughts and floods.

3. Write a brief account of his/her actions on the specified times and days, in the space below. Ask further questions, if necessary. Use the simple past/the past perfect tense to write your description.
e.g. (a) Rani visited the zoo on Sunday.
       (b) She had finished all her homework by 5.00 am on that day.

(a) Divshaan woke up at 8.30 am last Sunday.
(b) Then he went for a walk with his father.
(c) He had completed his homework by 3pm on that day.
(d) Then he went to play football.
(e) By 10 pm he made sure that he had revised one chapter.

5. Simple Past and Past Continuous
There was a burglary in your neighbourhood. You saw something suspicious. Tell the police officer all about it by filling in the blanks choosing the correct forms of the words from the options given below. 

(a) was raining
(b) was watching
(c) felt
(d) went
(e) noticed
(f) was standing
(g) saw
(h) came
(i) was reading
(j) rushed
(k) were screaming

7. Look at the verbs in the box and put them in the correct columns in the table that follows
believe  hate  know  weigh smell think suppose wish own understand prefer find/ consider
cost like see regret forget  hear  imagine  remember taste belong measure touch
thought    emotion      possession    perception
(often used with can)     
know, supposehateowntastecost
understand   regret
forget,consider    wish
believe, find

8. The Verb 'to have'

Put a tick () or cross () against each sentence according to whether it is correct or incorrect.

(a) Mr Sinha has a severe headache. - ()
(b) He is having a blue-coloured Maruti car. ()
      Correction: He has a blue-coloured Maruti car.
(c) Mr Sinha has two daughters and no sons.- ()

8.1 Now, work individually, and with the help of the information in the box below, write six appropriate sentences.
  1. Mrs. Sharma has a fever.
  2. Mrs. Sharma has a nice palatial house.
  3. Mrs. Sharma has a brother-in-law living with them.
  4. Shyam has sound health.
  5. Shyam has a personal computer.
  6. Shyam has a small dog.
9 'Since' and 'For'
Which expressions go with since and which go with for?

         since               for                                                                     
 last week

a short time

a decade


the day before yesterday



22nd June

several weeks


6 months


We use 'since' to express ___point__in time, whereas 'for' is used to express _period/duration__of time. 

10. Choose three 'since' expressions and three 'for' expressions from the table above. Then write six sentences using the pattern in the box below.

  1. I have been experiencing numbness in my right arm for several weeks.
  2. We haven't bought a new car since 2009.
  3. He has been working on this project since 22nd June
  4. We haven't met since Deepawali
  5. We have lived in Mumbai for a decade.
  6. he has been to the USA for 6 months.
11. The News
Narendra Singh - broke record - long jump - regional meet - Principal sent congratulations - also President Youth Federation

Narendra Singh from St. Michael's School has broken the regional long jump record. The principal of St. Michael's has sent his congratulations. Best wishes have also come from the President of the Youth Federation.

Work individually, and note down some events that occurred recently in your school or local area in the same way as the example in (a). Write a short report about it in the space given below.

XYZ School has organised a sports meet at zonal level. The principal has invited our education minister as the chief guest. Director of Education has sent his good wishes to the participants.  Different schools have participated in the event and have won many prizes. Our students have participated both in a group and individual events and have won laurels.

(✏Note: Present perfect tense is often used for reporting or announcing an event of the recent past. Present perfect tense is also used in technical writing.)

12. Present Perfect Continuous
"What have you been doing?"
Imagine what people have been doing or what are the things that have been happening.

(a) Ashok comes in wearing white shorts, a T-shirt and carrying a racquet. He is sweating.
(b) I think       |   he has been playing     |          tennis
      I imagine  |                                        |          badminton
      Perhaps     |

(a) Mohan comes in wearing overalls and is covered in paint.
(i)  I think he has been painting the wall.
(ii) Perhaps he has been painting his house.

(b) Ramesh comes in with a smile on his face. He is holding a trophy.
(i)  I think he has been participating in a competition.
(ii) Perhaps he has been the part of the winning team.

(c) Monica returns home with lots of packets in her hands.
(i)  I imagine she has been shopping since morning.
(ii) Perhaps she has been shopping for her marriage.

(d) Sheela comes in with red eyes and a wet handkerchief.
(i) I think she has been crying.
(ii) Perhaps she has been exposed to some one with conjunctivitis.
(ii) Perhaps she has been suffering from conjunctivitis.

12.2 Now write three situations similar to (a) in the box. Exchange the information with your partner and guess the answer to each other's situations as in (b).


1. Somesh comes in wearing shorts and spikes. He is breathing heavily.
(i) I think he has been running since morning.
(ii) Perhaps he has been participating in the athletic meet.

2. Nancy looks pale and yellow.
(i) I think she has been ill since last March.
(ii) Perhaps she has not been taking her medicines.

3. We hardly see Mohan at the coffee house.
(i) Perhaps he has been busy writing his novel.
(ii) I imagine he has been working on his latest novel.

Present Perfect vs Present Perfect Continuous
When a result is important, it is expressed as present perfect. e.g. He has written four letters.
When the emphasis is on duration, it is expressed in present perfect continuous. e.g. He has been writing since morning.

13. "Living conditions have been improving…."

    -------       Number of children in secondary school.

    _____      Number of people dying from malnutrition.

    __ . __     Number of homes with running water.

    ………    Number of women working outside the home.

Write a report on the changes in living conditions in Medland between 1950 and now. Suggest reasons for these changes. Use the present perfect continuous where necessary. You may wish to use the words in the vertical box above right.

a) Over the years since 1950, the number of children in secondary schools has been increasing noticeably. This is possibly because the Government has been building more schools.

b) The number of homes with running water has been rising sharply since 1985, whereas…………

Improved Living Conditions in Medland
August 5, 2012
Student Correspondent

Over the years, the living conditions of Medland has been improving. Since 1950 the number of children has been increasing noticeably in secondary schools. This is possibly because the Government has been building more schools. Since 1985, the number of homes with running water has been rising gradually whereas the number of deaths due to malnutrition has been falling sharply,
Around 1960, there has been spurt increase in a number of women working outside the home but after that, this number has been falling slightly.

14. used to and would
Read the passage given below. Substitute 'used to' with 'would' wherever appropriate so that the passage reads better.

When I was a student, I used to visit the library frequently. The librarian was a kind man and he used to help me select my books. There used to be a small tea shop near the library. After spending a few hours in the reading room of the library, I used to go to this tea shop to meet my friends. There used to be an old waiter who kept a corner table reserved for us.

Could you replace 'used to' with 'would' in every instance?

No. This is because they are used differently.

Read the passage again and complete the sentences below.

1. 'used to' is used describe _past habits/ possession/past states_ in the present as well as situations that existed in the past.

2. 'would' is used to describe only _repeated actions_ in the past.

Think of the days when you were eight years old. Write down four or five things you would do or used to do or be. Make sentences like those in the box. Share your experiences with your partner.

1. I used to play foot ball but now I've stopped.

2. I would go to the playground daily. (Note: past habit, you may use used to also).

3. When I was young I used to/would sit in the garden painting for hours. (past habit, both would or used to can be used).

4. I used to have a model plane. (Note: possession, you cannot use would here)

5. I would use pencil not pen.

15. Understanding the tenses:

The tense forms that have been practised and discussed in this chapter, allow you to show accurately and subtly the time and the relationship of actions and events with it. We use them in speech and writing.

Understanding and recognising how the tense forms are used.

15.1 Can you identify the present tense forms.

Simple PresentPresent Perfect
1. I play tennis1. I have played tennis
2. You read well.2. You have read well.
3. She sees something.             3. She has seen something.

Present Perfect is used for recent past without time expression.

15.2 Present Continuous
1. I am playing tennis
2. You are reading well.
3. She is looking at something.             

Present Continuous means on going action.
✏ There are certain verbs related to perception, appearing, emotion and thinking are not used in a continuous form. A few are:
see, hear, smell, notice, want, wish, look, seem, think, suppose, agree, own, imagine.

15.3 Simple PastPast Perfect
1. I knew about it1. I had known about it
2. You took it away2. You had taken it away.
3. She finished her work.             3. She had finished her work.

Simple Past is used for past action with time expression.
Past Perfect is used to show which action occurred first if two actions took place in past.

15.4 Present ContinuousPast Continuous
1. I am reading a book1. I was reading a book.
2. They are playing football outside.  2. They were playing football outside.
3. She is looking for her friend.             3. Last week, she was looking for her friend.

Past continuous is used to denote on going action for some time in past. It is also used to show persistent habits in the past.

16. Present Perfect Continuous

Read the following sentences with the present perfect continuous tense form

1. Mr and Mrs Singh have been living in the same house in the same town for the last five years.

2. "Have you been keeping your pocket money safely, Rani?"

3. Petrol prices have been going up steadily this year.

These sentences illustrate the main use of the Present Perfect Continuous tense to show that the action started in the past and is still in progress in the present.

It is NOT used with finished time expressions. e.g.
He looks exhausted. He was working from midnight until  6 a.m.
(NOT He looks exhausted. He has been working from midnight until  6 am.)

17. Present Perfect Continuous - do it yourself

18. Reviewing verb forms

18.1. Edit the following letter by choosing the appropriate word for each underlined word from the given options.


Hill Mount School

20 February 20xx

The Principal
National Public School


Our school (a) is conducting a cultural fiesta on the 26th of this month. The events for competition (b) include music, dance and skit. Each school (c) is requested to send not more than fifteen participants. We would appreciate if the students of your prestigious institution (d)participate in the competition and make our show a grand success. Attractive prizes will be
awarded to the winners.

Thank you very much

Yours sincerely

Gayathri Sundaram


18.2 Complete the following news item by choosing the correct word from the options given below.


Vana Mahotsava Celebrated at PPS School
-- Aastha/ Anshul, Secretary Green Fingers

Vanamahotsava (a) was celebrated by Green Fingers, the Environment Club of the school, with great enthusiasm on the 24th August.

The District Forest Officer, Mr S. D. Bhambri (b) was the chief guest. He (c) inaugurated the Bio-diversity Park in the school. The Principal, Ms Rajni Patel, (d) planted a sapling in the Park.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Bhambri (e) urged the students to plant more trees and to launch a campaign to save the environment. Students of the Primary Wing of the school (f) presented a skit on the conservation of the environment.



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