Wednesday 8 August 2012

CBSE Class 9- Social Science - CH2: Russian revolution (Questions asked in CBSE Examination)

Social Science - Socialism in Europe & Russian revolution 
(Questions asked in CBSE Examination)

(CBSE 2010 SA1  Examination)

Q1: How did the destruction of Russian industries after the First World War become one of the cause
of resentment of people?

Q2: What was the global influence of Russian Revolution?

Q3: Discuss the relationship between peasants and nobles in Russia during early 19th century.

Q4: What were the different notions of Liberals, Radicals and Conservatives regarding new formation of the Government in Russia ? Discuss.

Q5: Why socialists were against private property ?

Q6: What is meant by ‘October Revolution’?

Q7: Explain the ideology of the three power groups present in the Russian society i.e. the Liberals, the Radicals and the Conservatives.

Q8: Why did ‘The Kerensky Government’ in Russia fall?

Q9: Which incident came to be known as Bloody Sunday? What were its consequences?

Q10: Describe the major changes introduced in agriculture in the Soviet Union after 1918.

Q11: Why did the Kerensky Government become unpopular in Russia? Explain.

Q12: What is the contribution of Russian Revolution to the world? Explain. (5 marks)

Q13: In what ways was the working population in Russia different from other countries in Europe before 1917?

Q14: Explain in brief Lenin’s contribution to the Russian Revolution. (5 marks)

CBSE 2011 (SA2) Examination

Q15: Mention any three features of socialism. (3 marks)

Q16: Who was Lenin ? What was his contribution in the Russian Revolution ? (5 marks)

Q17: Who was ruling over Russia during the Russian Revolution ? How was he responsible for the revolution? (3 marks)

Q18: Describe the economic conditions of Russia before 1905. (3 marks)

Q19: Describe any three steps taken by Lenin to improve agriculture and economy of Russia. (3 marks)

Q20: Explain the implications of Russian Revolution on the world. (5 marks)

Q21: Describe the major demands of the Russian revolutionaries before the Russian Revolution. (3 marks)

Q22: Explain the impact of the event of ‘Bloody Sunday’ on Russian Society. (5 marks)

Q23: Describe any three demands of the workers who went on strike at St. Petersburg in 1904 in Russia. (3 marks)

Q24: Differentiate between the policies of the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks.

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