Friday 1 September 2017

English Grammar - Antonyms Quiz (#cbseNotes)

English Grammar - Antonyms Quiz

One of the choices provides suitable answer to the given question. Choose the correct option.

1. The antonym of prosperity is

(a) inprosperity
(b) disprosperity
(c) windfall
(d) adversity

2. The antonym of analysis is

(a) inanalysis
(b) synthesis
(c) unanalysis
(d) disanalysis

3. Pick out the opposite of progressive.

(a) retrogressive
(b) disprogressive
(c) unprogressive
(d) conservative

4. The opposite of hypocrisy is

(a) sincerity
(b) selfishness
(c) loyalty
(d) honesty

5. The antonym of humane is

(a) polite
(b) cruel
(c) inhuman
(d) unhuman

6. Give the antonym of diversity

(a) unity
(b) disparity
(c) divergence
(d) dissimilitude

7. What is the opposite of liberty ?

(a) bondage
(b) slavery
(c) shackles
(d) deliverance

8. The opposite of prudent is

(a) foolish
(b) imprudent
(c) slave
(d) thrifty

9. The opposite of thrifty is

(a) wane
(b) lavish
(c) valiant
(d) quarrelsome

10. What is the opposite of transparent ?

(a) transient
(b) opaque
(c) ominous
(d) translucent

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