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English Vocabulary - Commonly Confused Words (Part-5) (#eduvictors)(#EnglishVocabulary )

Commonly Confused Words 

English Vocabulary 
English Vocabulary - Commonly Confused Words  (Part-5) (#eduvictors)(#EnglishVocabulary )

English is full of phrases or words, which sound the same or comparable yet have distinctive meanings and are sometimes confusing too. Here is the third list of commonly confused words.

Biannual, Biennial
Biannual is twice in one year,
Biennial means every two years

Blonde, Blond and Bland
Blonde describes women (feminine)
Blond describe men (masculine) and women both.
Bland means uninteresting, dull.

Bolder, Boulder
Bolder refers to more daring;
Boulder means a large rock.

Bore, Boar and Boor
Bore as a noun means tiresome person,
Boar is a male pig;
Boor means a rude person.

Board, Bored
Board (noun) refers to a long sheet of wood or a group of people. As a verb means to go onto a ship or plane or public transport.
Bored means not interested.

Born, Borne
Born is newly coming into life;
Borne means "carried".

Braise, Braze
Braise means to cook slowly in liquid;
Braze is to solder with metals e.g. brazing a statue.

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