Monday 24 September 2012

Numbers in Idioms

Numbers in Idioms

❶. at first sight
(meaning: immediately)
It was nothing special about him at first sight.

❷. on second thought
(meaning: reconsider something)
I was going to buy a new car. On second thought, I decided to buy an old one.

❸. second to none
(meaning: better than anything)
The music store is second to none. Here you get everything from classical to Jazz.

❹. sixth sense
(meaning: strong intuition)
Sasha has sixth sense for movies. She knows what will happen next in the scene.

❺. forty winks
(meaning: a short snap)
I usually take forty winks after supper on weekends.

❻. in seventh heaven
(meaning: in very happy state).
Roma is in seventh heaven one she learns her marriage has been fixed.

❼. on cloud nine
(meaning: very happy)
He just bought a new sports car, he is on cloud nine.

❽. to put two and two together
(meaning: to guess something from the information available)
Manish did not tell his parents that his wife had left. But, from untidy house they put two and two together.

❾. third degree
(meaning: interrogation along with extreme torture to confess or extract some information)
Poor chap died at the police lockup after the third degree.

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