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Learn English Vocabulary From News Papers - August 6 2017 (Day 7)

Learn English Vocabulary From News Papers - August 6, 2017 (Day 7)

Learn English Vocabulary From News Papers - August 6 2017 (Day 7)

The Indian Express


Haryana BJP Chief son held for 'stalking', police rescue woman.

meaning:  harassing or following someone illegally ( पीछा करना)

1. This street is haunted, a shadow stalks people in a night.
2. The government is considering a new law against stalking.


Hoarding to help voters make informed choices.

meaning:  a board used to display advertisements or public information, a billboard, to accumulate something in a hidden manner. (विज्ञापन-बोर्ड, जमाखोरी )

1. In rainy seasons, traders start hoarding onions which lead to sharp increase in retail prices.
2. A big hoarding erected there is really annoying one, it blocks the traffic signal lights.


Dialogue only way to cut religious stereotypes: Modi

meaning: fixed general image or perception people have about something (रूढ़िवादी)

1. People often stereotype other cultures or races simply because they do not know the people personally.

2. He was stereotyped as a politician because he was wearing a white kurta and pyjama and a paan in his mouth.

To lash out

Boppana lashes out at AITA

meaning: criticise someone or attack someone (घोर निन्दा करना, अचानक प्रहार करना)

1. Suddenly Tina lashed out and hit the stalker in the face.
2. Our cinema stars often lash out at the press media.


The barren cold desert or Ladakh sees signs of new life.

meaning:  unable to have children or young animals, a land with poor vegetation (बंजर, फलहीन,  बाँझ)

1. On reaching Jodhpur, we saw a barren hot desert.
2. Kohli scored a century to end his last four barren innings.

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