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Learn English Vocabulary From News Papers - August 5 2017 (Day 6)

Learn English Vocabulary From News Papers - August 5 2017
(Day 6)

Learn English Vocabulary From News Papers - August 5 2017 (Day 6)

The Indian Express


In Metro's heritage walks, some architecture, some jalebis

meaning: features or things of past belonging to the culture of a particular society, such as traditions, languages, or buildings (विरासत, धरोहर)

1. The Taj Mahal has been designated a world heritage site.
2. Indian classical music is an important part of curltural heritage.

To litter

Rs 500 - 1000 fine for littering, suggest panel.

meaning: make place messy and untidy with rubbish or garbage(कूड़े कर्कट से गंदा करना)

1. The locals decided to pick up the litter in the park.
2. People litter so much in these streets, dengue is bound to come in rainy season.


'When relationships break, some women use law... for vengeance.'

meaning: taking revenge or harming some one because they have harmed you. (प्रतिशोध,  बदला)

1. The angry people showed black flags to the politician with full vengeance.
2. The hero son wore vengeance on everyone involved in his father's murder, every third Bollywood movie has the same story.

To slay

The demon of corruption has not yet slayed.

meaning: To kill or murder someone violently (घात करना, हत्या करना)

1. Krsna slayed the Mathura king to end king's reign of torture.
2. To get bones and fur, elephants are slayed by greedy poachers.


Trump had terse talks with leaders of Mexico and Australia

meaning: brief, short, abrupt (संक्षिप्त, मुख़्तसर)

1. He expressed himself in a terse and fiery manner.
2. The minister gave a terse statement denying the charges.

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