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Learn English Vocabulary - Varying Degrees of Fear (#cbsenotes)(#vocabulary)(#eduvictors)

Learn English Vocabulary - Varying Degrees of Fear

Learn English Vocabulary - Varying Degrees of Fear (#cbsenotes)(#vocabulary)(#eduvictors)

Fear is an emotional response induced by a perceived threat, which causes a change in brain and behaviour.

1. Apprehensive

Meaning: worried or filled with fear.

Example: Sumita was apprehensive meeting her abusive husband even after much assurance from her in-laws.

2. Alarmed

Meaning: sudden fear or anxiety, especially when caused by the possibility of danger.

Example: The government is alarmed by the sudden increase in milk prices.

3. Fearful

Meaning: to be afraid

Example: Children are fearful about their safety in their uncle's house.

4. Terrified

Meaning: very much frightened or afraid

Example: He was terrified of snakes.

5. Panic-stricken

Meaning: filled with sudden fear and anxiety

Example: Children were panic-stricken when they felt tremors of the earthquake.

6. Horrified

Meaning: Filled with great shock or horror

Example: Sujata was horrified when she heard news about the demise of her husband.

7. Aghast

Meaning: suddenly filled with great surprise or fear or shock.

Example: He was aghast when he was told that he had lost his money in the stock market crash.

8. Petrified

Meaning: extreme fear or shock so that one is unable to think or move

Example: Mona sat there petrified as the killer advanced towards her.

9. Frantic

Meaning: filled with desperation because one is worried or frightened or anxious

Example:  When she arrived for the interview she was frantic with anxiety.

10. Phobia

Meaning: an extreme fear or dislike of a particular thing or situation

Example: Her phobias included everything from spiders to heights.

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