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CBSE Class 6 Science CH 4 - Sorting Material Into Groups

Sorting Material Into Groups

CBSE Class 6 Science CH 4 - Sorting Material Into Groups
Sorting Into Groups
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Q1: Which of the following is lustrous material?

(a) wood
(b) plastic
(c) copper
(d) chalk

Q2: Materials that are difficult to compress are called _______

(a) hard materials
(b) soft materials
(c) sponge materials
(d) none of these

Q3: Which one of the following is insoluble in water?

(a) oxygen
(b) sugar
(c) salt
(d) sawdust

Q4: As you cannot see through objects made from materials, such materials are called _________.

(a) transparent
(b) opaque
(c) translucent
(d) none of these

Q5: A material which does not dissolve completely into water is called _______.

(a) soluble
(b) insoluble
(c) opaque
(d) translucent

Q6: Butter paper is 

(a) transparent
(b) oily
(c) opaque
(d) translucent

Q7: A liquid which contains the dissolved material is known as _______.

(a) solvent
(b) solution
(c) solute
(d) none of these

Q8: Find the odd one?

(a) Sugar
(b) Salt
(c) Water
(d) Sand

Q9: Find the odd one?

(a) Jasmine
(b) Rose
(c) Potato
(d) Lily

Q10: Which one of the following will float on water?

(a) Iron nails
(b) Dry leaves
(c) Stone
(d) Steel

1: (c) copper [Hint: In general all metals are lustrous]
2: (a) hard materials
3: (d) sawdust
4: (b) opaque
5: (b) insoluble
6: (d) translucent
7: (a) solvent
8: (d) Sand [Hint: Sand is a mixture of many substances (rocks and minerals), while others are made of one substance only]
9: (c) Potato
10: (b) Dry leaves

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