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CBSE Class 7/ Class 8 / Class 9 - English - Reading Comprehension (Set-10) (#cbseNotes)

Reading Comprehension (Set-10)

CBSE Class 7/ Class 8 / Class 9 - English - Reading Comprehension (Set-10) (#cbseNotes)

Question. Read the following passage carefully:                                                      

Oscar awards are annual awards given by the United Sates Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences for excellent and outstanding achievements in various branches of film-making. The major best film. Another special Oscar award is given for the best life-time achievement. These awards are considered the most prestigious international awards in the field of world cinema. The award was instituted by the academy on 16 may, 1929 and named after Oscar Pierce of Texas who was a wheat and fruit grower. The academy was founded by Louis B. Mayer in 1927 with an objective to prevent the creation of a union of actors and artisans. Another aim was to improve the image of film industry by issuing awards for merits and distinction. Originally the award was intended to be a modest one with citations within the Hollywood film industry. But the importance of the award kept on increasing revenue of winning movies. Labeling of an Oscar worked like trademark for the commercial success of a film.

Answer the following questions by choosing the correct options given below:

1. Oscar awards are given to those who has got outstanding achievement in the field of 
a) sports    
b) social work        
c) Cinema            
d) science

2. Which statement is correct?
    a) Oscar awards are given every four years
    b) Oscar awards are given every two years
    c) Oscar awards are given every year
    d) Oscar awards are given every six months

3. Oscar award was instituted by the United states academy of motion pictures art and sciences. The man who founded this academy was

a) Oscar Pierce
b) Louis B. Mayor
c) Louis Philip  
d) Emil Jannings

4. Oscar awards got popularity in due course because
a) Media played a major role
b) Public voting was used
c) Common people were  given awards
d) It was conducted on streets

5. The word ‘citation’ means   
a) merits      
b) distinctions    
c) lines or words taken from a book    
d) none of these      

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