National Talent Search Examination (NTSE)


Haryana Board -Science & Technology Objective Test-1
Chemical Formula of Daily Use Material
NTSE SAT Quiz (Biology Set-1)
NTSE (SAT Quiz-3)
NTSE SAT Sample Question Paper -1
NTSE SAT Sample Question Paper - Set-2
NTSE MAT Quiz-1 (Series Completion)
NTSE SAT Quiz(Social Studies) - Set -1
NTSE SAT Paper (Civics)
NTSE SAT Quiz-4 (Books and Authors)
NTSE SAT Quiz-6 (Geography)
NTSE SAT Quiz-7 (Maths)
NTSE SAT Quiz-8 (Social Studies)
NTSE SAT Quiz -7 (History)
NTSE SAT Quiz-10 (Biology) 
NTSE MAT Quiz-11 (Spot the Odd One)
NTSE Science Quiz-12 (Haryana Board Science & Tech Object Test-2)
NTSE Maths Challenges
Maths Challenges Questions - Answers
Class 10 Proficiency Maths Test Paper (2012) Set-A
Class 10 Proficiency Science Test Paper (2012) Set-A
NTSE - MAT Quiz - 13 (General Awareness) 
Science Quiz
NTSE SAT Quiz-14 (History)/ CTET(Social Studies)
NTSE SAT Quiz-15 (Biology)
Class 10 - Geography - Minerals and Energy Resources (MCQs) 
NTSE Maths + MAT Quiz-16
NTSE Science Quiz-17
Popular Struggles and Movements(MCQs) 
Class9- Political Science - CH5 - Working of Institutions (MCQs) 
Class 7 NSO Test Paper (Mental Ability) - 2012
JSTS Exam (GK Paper - 2013) -1
JSTE Exam (GK Paper -2013)- Part2
JSTS Exam (GK Paper -2013) - Part -3
Ch3 - Atoms and Molecules (MCQs)   
GK Quiz-1 - Famous Persons from History 
GK Quiz-3: Who said this?
Class9 - French Revolution (MCQs)
GK Quiz-4 - Know the Currency
NTSE Biology Quiz-18
Economics - Ch1 Development (MCQs from 2012 Exam)
Ch1 - Chemical Reactions & Equations (MCQs)
NTSE SAT (2012) Science Quiz - 19  NTSE SAT Quiz-20
NTSE SAT (Maths) Quiz-21
NTSE SAT (Indian History) Quiz-22
NTSE MAT Quiz-23
GK- First Person India
NTSE SAT Quiz-24
NTSE Science Quiz - 25
General Intelligence Quiz 

Social Studies Quiz
Quiz on Sobriquets
Who is Who?
Salient Features of Indian Constitution
From Trade To Territory - Colonisation Of India (Timelines)
Tribes and Races Of The World
Know Types of Governments
List Of Important Dams In India
Geography - Indian States Touching International Borders

Class8 - Science - Uses of Some Common Metals and Non-Metals
Physical Constants
Types of Vectors
Scientific Instruments Quiz
Ch 3 - Metals vs Non-Metals (Comparison)
Ch 10 - Gravitation (Understanding Mass and Weight)
Ch 17 - Solar System (Some Facts)
Heredity and Evolution - Origin Of Life On Earth (Concept Points)
One Word Substitution (List of 20 Words) or Play Quiz
Phrasal Prepositions
13 Fun Facts about English Words
NTSE Stage-1 English Language Test-1
NTSE Stage-1 English Language Test-2
Reading Comprehension (Set-8)
Reading Comprehension (Unseen Poem)-2
Reading Comprehension (Unseen Poem)-3
A Quiz On Shakespeare's Plays
Antonyms Quiz-2
Words to Use Instead of 'Very'
Common Errors In English Usage
Reading Comprehension (set-10)
All About Coordinating Conjunctions

Ch 8 - How do Organisms Reproduce (Worksheet)
Ch 11 - Energy Transformations (Worksheet)
Plants Of Special Interests (Pre-Medical)
Famous Indian Biologists
List of Important Proteins
Ch3 - Synthetic Fibres and Plastics - Know Your Plastic Bottle (RESIN Coding)
15 Amazing Facts About Blood
Human Nutrition (Worksheet)
Digestive System - Five Digestive Juices

Q & A On Economics
Q & A On Computers
Q & A On Physics
Q & A On Biology
Q & A On Polity
Q & A On Geography
Q & A On Chemistry
Q & A On History

Geography - Know About India (Q & A)
Astronomical Terms

Ch 10 Circles (Important Terms To Remember)
Lines and Angles (Brain Teaser)
Understanding Quadrilaterals (MCQs)
Divisibility Rules