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CBSE Class 10 - English Workbook Solutions (Unit 12 Active Passive)

CBSE Class 10 - English Workbook Solutions 2011 (Unit 12 - Active and Passive)

Answer 1: 
1. are employed (passive)
2. Did anybody/somebody clean
3. is covered
4. are locked
5. was sent, arrived
6. were these photographs taken, Did you take

Different types of constructions are used in above sentences i.e. active and passive. In active voice, the person or thing who is responsible for the action comes first. In passive, the person or thing acted on comes first and the actor is generally added in the end by preposition 'by'.

Answer 2: (clue Finding)
1. The enemy killed him. It is obvious from the passive sentence "He was killed in the World War II".
2. It is understood that robbers looted the bank, but the stress should be on "the bank".
3. The fans/admirers who look upon Sachin Tendulkar as sporting icon, are least important.

4. People can see this sort of raod-side restaurants everywhere in this city.
5. The police arrested him when he arrived at the airport. Yes the active voice is little awkward because everybody knows it is the police who arrests people.
6. Active Voice: The company will pay bonus because of handsome profits.
7. Passive Voice: 'I got' means 'I've got'. Generally 'have' is not written along with got.

Answer 3: Match the following...
a. Newspaper and formal report - (3) Many villagers were ...
b. Description of processes - (1) The tea leaves are picked ...
c.  Academic writings including reporting of ....  - (2)  20 ml of the salt ...

Answer 4:(74 killed in Myanmar quake)...

1. All verbs in the passage are in passive voice, because reports emphasize on results and the objects of actions. The agents who act here are not so important.

2. here is the list: were killed, have caused, was expected, were destroyed, were injured, has been reported, were advised.
These are passive constructions because the emphasis is on the results of the action.

3. Authorities expect the death toll to rise slightly after the Thursday's 6.8 magnitude tremor destroyed 225 homes and nine government buildings in Myanmar. According to state television, the earthquake injured over 100 people.

4. The report in active voice appears to be little awkward because it emphasizes on who did it rather than what happened.

Answer 5: 
1. Imperial Jacob Diamond or Royal Jacob Diamond

2. Verb forms used: present tense, simple past, present perfect, participle (and gerund) . Both active and passive constructions are used but passive construction is prominent.

3. Jacob diamond bought by sixth Nizam of Hyderabad.

4. Famous diamond purchased by Indian Government of Rs 40 Crore.

6. Nizam spurns offer of Rs 1- Crore.

Answer 6:
a. Steepest Mt. Kanchenjunga Scaled  Or Young Sikkimese scales Steepest Mt. Kanchenjunga
Expansion:  The steepest face Mt. Kanchenjunga was succeeded and scaled by Young Sikkimese.

b. Legislation passed  to Ban Smoking in TN state- Not well received.
Expansion: Legislation was passed by the Government to ban Ban on smoking in state of Tamil Nadu, it was not well received by the people.

c. Ruling Party fails to convince opposition on excessive election spending and no accounting.
Expansion: No proper accounts were kept and no convincing answer was given to opposition question  on excessive election spending by the ruling party.

d. J. Shubert SIEMENS new Managing Director appointed.
Expansion: J. Shubert, a new managing director of SIEMENS, Germany has been appointed after convening General Body meeting last week.

e. Hit by Rice Shortage, Government to increase production
Expansion: Government hit by rice shortage, says to increase production.

f: Buddhist Satupa Excavated in Haryana
Expansion: Buddhist Satupa has been excavated by ASI in a village in Haryana.

g. Cricket team announced for England Tour
Expansion: Cricket team was prepared and was announced by the selectors for tour to England in July 2011.

Answer 7:
(missing words) 'If (_she was _) found guilty', she will be given a life sentence.
'If (_she_ _is_ _found_) innocent', she will sue the police for wrongful arrest.

a. The injured policeman, lifted by two Arun College students, was carried to nearby ambulance and then  to the city hospital.
The policeman, injured by the angry crowd, was lifted, carried to nearby ambulance and then taken to the city hospital by two Arun College students.

Headline: Policeman  Injured by Crowd, Rescued by Two College Students

b. Two Arun College students lifted up the policeman, after having being injured by the angry crowd. they carried him to the nearby ambulance and then took him to the city hospital.


A screwdriver (place) is placed inside a coil carrying a direct current. The screwdriver (become) becomes magnetised. It (removed) is removed carefully and (place) is placed in iron filings. It (attract) attracts the fillings.

A magnetised screwdriver blade is placed inside the coil. An alternating current is passed through it. The screwdriver is slowly withdrawn from the coil to a distance of about one meter while the current is flowing. It becomes demagnetized. The current is switched off. The screwdriver is placed in iron filings. It does not attract the filings.


1. Leaves of plant of unknown identity are collected.
2. These are put in a container of water and is boiled.
3. The mixture is allowed to cool.
4. Lime Juice and salt are added.
5. Chemicals of unknown identity are added to the mixture.
6. After a while, a golden yellow liquid becomes visible as a top layer which is filtered and is used as fuel.

1. Trash must be collected and be kept in a garbage bag.
2. Floor must be wiped.
3. Books should be arranged on the table and drawers must be closed.
4. ...

(E). The walls have been painted with rainbow colours. The floor has been cleaned up and new tiles have been laid. The room has been renovated with nice decor. Books have been piled up on the shelf. Extra furniture have been removed. Unwanted things have been thrown out. Dull blinds have been replaced with colourful ones.

1. My neighbours got their garden relaid at the moment.    
2. I lost my identity card. I'll have to make another.
3. Have you got mik delivered to your house every day, or do your go out and buy it?
4. I'm afraid the film has not got developed yet.
5. Your suit is a little tight. Why don't you get a new one made?

2. To have my health checked up.
3. To have my money deposited.
4. To have my dress altered.
5. To have myself photographed.
6. To have my teeth cleaned up.

1. Who will be - asked to come to the party?
2. She likes - to get hurt.
3. They ought - to be punished for what they did.
4. They are going - to get hurt.
5. She - was given the money.
6. It will - be informed.
7. You will - be informed.
8. He hates - being looked at.
9. What has - been done to stop it?
10. Has Sita - been told?

1. are being followed.
2. can't be explained
3. was cancelled
4. is being restored
5. gets delayed
6. might be thrown
7. were reported

H3. Rewrite the paragraph below by changing these sentences into the passive; include the agent only if necessary.

Last year Mckiney Company built two new apartment buildings in the city centre. Recently one of the buildings was damaged by an earthquake. The earthquake also destroyed the company offices in the other building. The owners of the apartments of the buildings will receive the insurance money to
fix the damages. Nobody will lose the money paid for the apartments.

Two new apartment _buildings have been built by Mckiney Company in the city centre last year_.
Recently one of the buildings was damaged by an earthquake. The company offices in the other building was destroyed.The insurance money will be received by the owners to fix the apartments. Money paid for the apartments will not be lost by anyone.

H.4 Look at the following newspaper article. It has two versions. Version 'A' is written in the active and version 'B' is written in the passive voice. For each piece of information, decide whether Version 'A' or Version 'B' is more appropriate. Then rewrite the passage using a combination of the two versions.

Version A
Thieves stole the famous Nor Y Koh emerald from the City Museum last night. Police believe the thieves must have forced the locks on the windows and disabled the alarms before the museum attendants had closed the museum for the night. Police have arrested a man whom someone saw acting suspiciously outside the museum.

Version BThe Famous Nor Y Koh emerald was stolen from the museum last night. It is believed that the window-locks had been forced and the alarms disabled before the museum was closed for the night. A man who was seen acting suspiciously outside the museum has been arrested.

The Famous Nor Y Koh emerald was stolen from the museum last night.  It is believed that the window-locks had been forced and the alarms disabled before the museum was closed for the night.
Police have arrested a man whom someone saw acting suspiciously outside the museum.

H.5 Shahin, a newspaper reporter, visited the World Book Fair at Pragati Maidan. Suddenly he saw a stall in flames. He jotted down a few notes in his notepad. Using the cues and your own ideas write a newspaper report in the space provided. Use Active or Passive, depending on what you wish to focus on.

- Pragati Maidan
- 10 October
- 10 am
- Rendezvous Publishers
- over 2000 books published
- smoke and sudden flames
- injured - women 11
-             - men 6
-             - children 14
- people in ICU - 4
- fire fighters - no water available

Pragati Maidan
October 10, 20XX

Around 10 am, at World book Fair, the stall of Rendezvous Publishers, a company which has published over 2000 books, caught fire. Smoke and sudden flames spread around and created panic. Fire fighters had to face a tough challenge putting off the fire because of non-availability of water at Pragati Maidan. It is reported that 11 women, 6 men and 14 children were injured in the fire. Four persons are in critical condition and were admitted to ICU.


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