Monday 20 February 2012

CBSE-class 10 - economics - Consumer rights

Consumer rights
Mind map Notes on Consumer Rights

Factors exploiting Consumer


Q1: MRP on a product means : 
(a) minimum retail price
(b) maximum retail price
(c) micro retail price
(d) none of the above

Q2(CBSE 2011): The consumer movement in India has led to the formation of various organisations which are locally known as :

(a) Consumer Protection Council
(b) The Consumer International

(c) The Consumer Protection Act (copra)
(d) The World Trade Organization

Q3(CBSE 2011): When was the ‘Right to Information Act’ passed ?

(a) In January 2002 
(b) In March 2004
(c) In October 2005 

(d) In July 2007

Q4(CBSE 2011): Which one of the following is the agency that develops standards for goods and services in India?

(b) National Consumer Court
(c) Consumer Protection Councils
(d) Bureau of Indian Standards

Q5: The department of consumer affairs are found at

(a) National level
(b) State level
(c) both (a) and (b)
(d) none of these

Q6: The National Consumer Day is celebrated on

(a) 24th December
(b) 24th November
(c) 24th October
(d) 24th September

1: (b) maximum retail price
2: (c) The Consumer Protection Act (copra)
3: (c) In October 2005
4: (d) Bureau of Indian Standards
5: (c) both (a) and (b)
6: (a) 24th December


  1. In the 2nd question it is asked to select the correct ORGANIZATION but you have mentioned COPRA, which was an act. Please clarify my doubt. :)

    1. shah rukh, it is supposed to be the 1st option.

      check the 8th question of this site.

  2. No shahruk copra is a organisation

  3. no , copra is just an act that was passed which led to the setting up of consumer protection councils.It is clearly mentioned in ncert

  4. in 2020 board exam this chapter will be evaluated?

    1. No, this chapter is part of project work assessment. I suggest you check the syllabus at CBSE website for more details.

  5. Sir/ madam... in 2020 board exam this chapter will be evaluated?


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