Friday 3 August 2012

CBSE Class 9 and Class 11 to have PSA test from SA-II onwards

CBSE has asked CBSE affiliated schools to conduct a MCQ based exam called Problem Solving Assessment (CBSE-PSA) for class IX and XI from second term (SA-2) w.e.f. from January-Feburary 2013.
Later the test will be conducted for class X also.

Its score will be added in FA-4 which is 10% of total assessments of Class IX and class XI students will get a certificate. 

1. The test will be compulsory for all students of Classes IX and carry 90 marks. There will be 60 items of MCQ type.

2. For class 9 and 11,  the assesment will be based on the following:
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Qualitative Reasoning
  • Language Conventions
3. The Assessment will contain items that will assess written expression, including grammar and usage, vocabulary in context and passage-completion.

For more details and sample question, you may download the circular from the following links from CBSE website.

PSA Circular (Class IX)

PSA Circular (Class XI)


  1. Where can I find some model papers for the PSA for class-XI?? please suggest.

    1. As such CBSE hasn't released any PSA sample papers for class XI. Read the Circular on PSA. from CBSE, it specifies that PSA exam will assess the Life Skills relating to following areas:-
      Quantitative Reasoning
      Qualitative Reasoning
      Language Conventions

      I think it will somewhat similar to NDA General Ability Test Paper + NTSE (MAT+SAT).

    2. There is another circular from CBSE CBSE Circular about PSA Sample Paper. It says PSA sample paper will be made available on Board’s website.

    3. You can find them at

  2. where can i find some model papers for the PSA for class IX?? please suggest.

    1. sample papers are not enough . after you worked out the probems , may i ask you , what will you do to check whether you've done right?
      so if you need the sample question paper just go to
      (that's a link) and click on the link which says
      "Class IX Sample Papers 2013(in English)"
      for english version
      "Class IX Sample Papers 2013(in Hindi)"
      for hindi version

    2. use evergreen focus psa . it's superb

  3. what about results of this psa exam for class 11.....
    if anyone is disqualified, then what would be the circumstances...

    1. For class 11, you will not get the PSA certificate. For class 9, you may get another chance in class 10 for improvement. Check CBSE website or talk to your school.

  4. what will happen if we don't attend psa exams or fail in it

    1. I think for class 11, you will not get a certificate. Ask your school to obtain more clarity from CBSE
      Check PSA More Info from CBSE

  5. do you have the solved answers for the sample paper class 9 ?
    Advance thanks

  6. I need the answer key for psa sample paper fast to check with the sample question paper

  7. does PSA include hindi in literature?

  8. if anyone has not marked the option of english or hindi what will be the causes


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