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CBSE CLass 10 - English Comm. Workbook - Integrated Grammar Practice 5

Integrated Grammar Practice 5

1. Given below is a dialogue between Punit and Jai. Complete the dialogue by choosing the correct options.

Punit : Jai! (a) __________________________________________________________?

Jai : Don't you know? (b) __________________________ due to cardiac arrest.

Punit : Oh no!(c) __________________________________________________. How did this happen?

Jai : I don't know what happened. But Amit (d) ______________________ and was immediately rushed to the hospital.

Punit : Oh I am shocked. What did the doctors say?

Jai : They (e) __________________________________________________________


(i) Why there is such a large crowd outside Mithu's house
(ii) Why is there such a large crowd outside Mithu's house ✓
(iii) Why such a large crowd is there outside Mithu's house
(iv) Why such a large crowd there is outside Mithu's house

(i) Mithu's father is passed away last night
(ii) Mithu's father was pass away last night
(iii) Mithu's father is passing off last night
(iv) Mithu's father passed away last night ✓

(i) I am sorry for hearing this
(ii) I am sorry to be hearing of this
(iii) I am sorry for that
(iv) I am sorry to hear this ✓

(i) was saying that he is fainting
(ii) is saying that he was fainting
(iii) said that he fainted ✓
(iv) said that he has fainted

(i) are trying their best but they cannot be saving him
(ii) are trying their best but they could not save him
(iii) were trying their best but they cannot saved him
(iv) tried their best but they could not save him✓

2. Complete the passage by choosing the correct options from those given below.

The idiot box is (a) _____________ pushing the bookshelf out of the (b) _____________ even in regions that have a high literacy rate and a long tradition of libraries. According to the findings of a sample survey (c) _____________ average Keralite now spends 90 minutes (d) _____________ cable television and 80 minutes reading books. However, TV is not the only culprit; the survey, (e)_____________ by the Kerala Library Council to mark the 50th anniversary of the library movement in the state (f) _____________ that lack of interest and high price of books (g)_____________ equally responsible for people running away from serious reading.


 (i) increasing
(ii) increasingly✓
(iii) increased
(iv) to increase

(i) home
(ii) house
(iii) houses
(iv) homes✓
✍ home refers to place you live comfortably while house refers to builds we live in)

(i) a
(ii) an✓
(iii) the
(iv) by

(i) watches
(ii) watched
(iii) is watching
(iv) watching✓

(i) was conducted
(ii) conduct
(iii) conducted✓
(iv) being conducted

(i) indicates✓
(ii) is indicated
(iii) indicating
(iv) indicated

(i) is✓
(ii) are
(iii) was
(iv) were

3. The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each of the lines indicated. Write the incorrect word and the correction in the space provided as shown.

Error               Correction
In the last four decades, there have been a very             have                   has
significant rise in the numbers of lower middle anda) numbers number
middle class woman who seek employment tob) womanwomen
supplemented their household income. While there isc) supplemented   supplement
little doubt that women from the lower rank ofd) rankranks
society have always had working in the fields or in petty    e) hadhad been
jobs to sustain themselves or their families, theref) orand
were strong objections and a marked reluctance betweeng) betweenamong
the middle classes to allow women to step out of ah) athe
house to earn a living.

4. Given below are instructions for making soup. Use these to complete the paragraph that follows.

  • Mix the soup powder with 750 ml of water without allowing it to form lumps.
  • Pour the mixture into a heavy-bottomed vessel.
  • Bring it to a boil, stirring continuously.
  • Simmer the soup for five minutes
  • Pour the soup into four soup bowls and serve garnished with fried croutons.
The packet is opened and the contents (a) _are mixed_____ with 750ml of water, without allowing it to form lumps. The mixture (b) __is poured____ into a heavy-bottomed vessel. It (c) __is stirred__ continuously and (d) _(is) brought_ to a boil. Then the soup (e) _is simmered_ on a slow flame for five minutes. Finally before the soup (f) _is served__, it (g) _is poured____into soup bowls and (h)_is garnished___ with fried croutons.

5. Look at the words and phrases below. Rearrange them to form meaningful sentences. The first one has been done as an example.

And a very / the king / named Acanthus / talented sculptor / Pygmalion was/of Cyprus /of a village.
⇒ Pygmalion was the king of Cyprus and a very talented sculptor of a village named Acanthus

a) had finished / he smiled / when he / the ivory statue / of a beautiful woman /one day
⇒ One day he smiled when he had finished the ivory statue of a beautiful woman.

b) smile /at having found /it was / the innocent /new and unique / of a child / something
⇒ It was the innocent smile of  a child at having found something new and unique.

c) by the beauty/ that /to worship it /he was / falling down / he felt like / so impressed/ on his knees / of the statue
⇒ He was so impressed by the beauty of the statue that he felt like falling down on his knees to worship it.

d) that he /a masterpiece / and called / he realized / this beauty, / had created / Galatea
⇒ He realized that he had created a masterpiece and called this beauty Galatea.

e) was a devoted / to the goddess / he prayed / to breathe life / into it / of Aphrodite,/ since he / follower
⇒ Since he was a devoted follower of Aphrodite he prayed to the goddess to breathe life into it.

f) to life and / married her / after the goddess/ his wish, / Pygmalion / Galatea came / granted him
⇒ After the goddess granted him his wish, Galatea came to life and Pygmalion married her.

6. In the passage given below, one word has been omitted in each line. Write the missing word along with the word that comes before and the word that comes after it in you answer sheet against the correct blank number. Ensure that the word that forms your answer is underlined

Wright and Fleming found out that treatment                          (a) that the treatment
being used was doing harm than good. Each(b) doing more harm
of the chemical antiseptics more harmful to(c) antiseptics were more
the leucocytes than to the germs; and some cases(d) and in some
the antiseptic actually facilitated multiplication germs.(e) multiplication of germs
Wright and Fleming insisted that the surgeon's aim be(f) aim should be
not much to kill the germs as to help the(g) not so much
leucocytes to do natural germs-killing work.(h) do their natural



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  4. Sir ,shouldn't the answer of question 2nd (g) be ARE instead of is. Please clarify

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    3. But I m also confused 2 things r connected in between high price n lack of interest ,so there must be "are" in my opinion..
      Thanks sir for..all these answer but plzz look at this question too..
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