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CBSE Class 9 - English PSA Worksheet

English - PSA Worksheet
English PSA Worksheet

(Questions asked in one of  the public school at Delhi. PSA stands for Problem Solving Assessment, a test to be conducted by schools as per CBSE guidelines)

Tick (✓) the right option to fill in the blanks:

Q1: A crowd gathered to watch the _________ of ships in the harbour.

(a) band
(b) pack
(c) fleet
(d) crew

Q2: A _________ of bees attacked the children playing under the hive.

(a) flock
(b) swarm
(c) herd
(d) family

Q3: My sister dislikes  __________ in public.

(a) to sing
(b) singing
(c) sing
(d) sings

Q4: He ____________ me for the past 10 years.

(a)  is knowing
(b)  knows
(c)  has known
(d)  has been knowing

Q5: __________ the policeman, the thief ran away.

(a) to see
(b) saw
(c) seeing
(d) having seen

Q6: He is __________ weak to walk.

(a) very
(b) enough
(c) often
(d) too

Q7: People don't ___________ with bad behaviour.

(a) put up
(b) put in
(c) put off
(d) put down

Q8: Children always ___________ to their elders.

(a) look up
(b) look across
(c) look at
(d) look down

Q9: I have left my keys  _____________ in the library.

(a) anywhere
(b) nowhere
(c) everywhere
(d) somewhere

Q10: I disdain those who tell lies. 'Disdain' stands for _________ .

(a) condemn
(b) scorn
(c) contempt
(d) appreciate

Q11: The preaching I listened to this morning has put me in a pensive mood. 'Pensive stands for ___________.

(a) cheerful
(b) reflective
(c) depressed
(d) annoying 

Q12: The members of the group were at odds over the selection procedure. 'At odds' here means ____________.

(a) unanimous
(b) behave childishly
(c) in conflict
(d) favourable
Q13:  My friend is a great hand at organizing social events. 'Great hands' means ___________.

(a) enthusiastic 
(b) an expert
(c) a great help
(d) selfish

Q14: We must ______________ out duties in life with certain commitment.

(a) carry on
(b) carry away
(c) carry out
(d) carry off

Q15: Don't ________ the two incidents.

(a) mix
(b) mix into
(c) mix up
(d) mix at

Q16:  ____________ is a story told to illustrate a moral or spiritual path.

(a) paradigm
(b) paragon
(c) parable
(d) fiction 

Q17: Scribble: Write:: Stammer: ________

(a) walk
(b) play
(c) dance
(d) speak

Q18: Dunce : clever :: fearful : __________

(a) coward
(b) courageous
(c) foolish
(d) meek

Q19: __________ is a paper written in one's own handwriting.

(a) manuscript
(b) transcript
(c) biography
(d) autobiography

Q20: _________ is a short walk for pleasure or exercise.

(a) roam
(b) wander
(c) jog
(d) stroll

1: (c) fleet
2: (b) swarm
3: (b) singing
4: (c)  has known
5: (d) having seen
6: (d) too
7: (c) put off (put off means to repel or repulse from bad manners).
8: (a) look up to (to look up to means to admire)
9: (d) somewhere
10: (a) condemn or (b) scorn (Note: condemn - भर्त्सना, contempt - अवमानना, scorn - घृणा)
11: (b) reflective
12: (c) in conflict
13: (c) a great help
14: (a) carry on
15: (c) mix up (to mix up means to confuse)
16: (c) parable
17: (d) speak
18: (b) courageous
19: (a) manuscript
20: (d) stroll


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