Thursday 3 January 2013

CBSE Class 8/9/10/CTET - English Comprehension (Unseen Poem)-2

Reading Comprehension
(Unseen Poem)

Q1(CTET 2012): Directions: Read the poem given below and answer the questions that follow by selecting the most appropriate option.

I build walls
Walls that protect,
Walls that shield,
Walls that say I shall not yield
Or reveal
Who I am and how I feel.

I build walls
Walls that hide,
Walls that cover what's inside,
Walls that stare or smile or look away,
Silent flies,
Walls that even block my eyes
From the tears I might have cried.

I build walls
Walls that never let me
Truly touch
Those I love so very much.
Walls that need to fall!
Walls mean to be fortresses
Are prisons after all.

Q1: What are the walls in the poem made of?

(a) Blood and flesh
(b) Hidden feelings and thoughts
(c) Bricks or any physical material
(d) Cement and tiles

Q2: The poet uses "Walls" as a 

(a) metaphor
(b) alliteration
(c) simlie
(d) personification

Q3:  When walls act as a protection, they 

(a) touch the ones who are truly loved
(b) surrender to strong feelings
(c) do not reveal what is inside
(d) make one shed tears

Q4: The expression 'silent lies' in the second stanza implies

(a) walls make one hide one's true feelings
(b) walls lie silently around all of us
(c) walls are silent
(d) walls are liars

Q5: Why is not a good idea to have these 'walls'?

(a) they are made up of bricks
(b) they hurt others
(c) they act as a fortress
(d) they act as prison and keep loved ones.

Q6: Walls built to protect us ultimately turn into a prison. It is an example of a 

(a) puzzle
(b) riddle
(c) satire
(d) paradox

1: (b) Hidden feelings and thoughts
2: (d) personification
3: (b) surrender to strong feelings
4: (a) walls make one hide one's true feelings
5: (d) they act as prison and keep loved ones.
6: (d) paradox (self-contradictory)


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