Sunday 14 April 2013

CBSE Class 6/7/8 - French Grammar - Les Verbes (Er-verbs)-2

Les Verbes

All verbs whose infinitive ends in ‘er’ belong to this group (except aller).
The present tense of all –er  verbs is conjugated by removing the ‘er’ ending and adding the endings –e, -es, -e, -ons, -ez,-ent to the radical of the verb.

eg: Infinitive: parler---- Radical-parl ,     Infinitive-regarder---- Radical-regard

Parler-to speak

   1st person     Singular        Je parleI speak/I am speaking
2nd personSingular        Tu parlesYou speak/you are speaking
3rd person   Singular (m)      Il parleHe speaks/he is speaking
3rd personSingular (f)Elle parleShe speaks/she is speaking
1st personPlural           Nous parlons       We speak/we are speaking
2nd person Plural        Vous parlezYou speak/you are speaking
3rd personPlural (m)Ils parlentThey speak/they are speaking (m.p.)
3rd personPlural (f)Elles parlentThey speak/they are speaking (f.p.)

(Je is written as J’ before vowels and silent h)   
Aimer- to like
J’aime        I like
Tu aimesYou like
Il aimeHe likes
Elle aimeShe likes
         Nous aimons          We like
Vous aimezou like
Ils aiment        They like (m.p.)       
Elles aimentThey like (f.p.)

Habiter-to live 

J’habite        I live
Tu habitesYou live
Il habiteHe lives
Elle habiteShe lives
       Nous habitons              We live
Vous habitezYou live
Ils habitent        They live (m.p.)        
Elles habitentThey live (f.p.)

Regarder-to watch

Je regarde        I watch
Tu regardesYou watch
Il regardeHe watches
Elle regardeShe watches
      Nous regardons             We watch
Vous regardezYou watch
Ils regardentThey watch (m.p.)
Elles regardentThey watch (f.p.)

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