Thursday 11 April 2013

CBSE Class 8: Science - CH2 : Micro-Organisms - Friend and Foe (MCQs)

Micro-Organisms - Friend and Foe

Microbes: Party in Intestine
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Q1: The process of conversion of sugar into alcohol is known as  ...

(a) Budding
(b) Fusion
(c) Fermentation
(d) Fixation

Q2: What does our body produce to fight the invader when a disease-carrying microbe enters our body?

(a)  Antigens
(b)  Antibodies
(c)  Pathogens
(d)  Antibiotics

Q3: Who discovered Fermentation?

(a)  Edward Jenner
(b)  Alexander Fleming
(c)  Louis Pasteur
(d)  Selman Waksman

Q4: Which of the following is not a communicable disease?

(a) Cholera
(b) Chicken pox
(c) Tuberculosis
(d) Malaria

Q5: Chicken Pox is caused by

(a)  Virus
(b)   Bacteria
(c)   Fungus
(d)   Protozoa

Q6: The common chemicals generally used to check the growth of microorganisms are known as ...

(a)  antibiotics
(b)  Preservatives
(c)  antigens
(d)  pathogens

Q7: The microorganisms that cause diseases in human beings, plants and animals are called ____

(a)  Carriers
(b)  Spirogyra
(c)  Pathogens
(d)  Antibodies

Q8:  Who discovered the vaccine for smallpox?

(a)  Louis Pasteur
(b)  Alexander Fleming
(c)  Joseph Lister
(d)  Edward Jenner

Q9: Which of the following microorganism promotes the formation of curd?

(a)  Lactobacillus
(b)  Amoeba
(c)  Spiral bacteria
(d)  Spirogyra

Q10:  Which of the following bacteria is involved in the fixation of nitrogen in leguminous plants?

(a)  Rod-shaped bacteria
(b)  Spiral bacteria
(c)  Rhizobium
(d)  Spherical bacteria

1: (c) Fermentation
2: (b)  Antibodies
3: (c)  Louis Pasteur
4: (d) Malaria
5: (a) Virus
6: (b)  Preservatives
7: (c)  Pathogens
8: (d)  Edward Jenner
9: (a)  Lactobacillus
10:  (c)  Rhizobium

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  1. fermentation was discovered by louis pasteur, not by alexander fleming.
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  2. really amazing . thanks to the developers of the page. this helped me a lot for
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  4. This was very useful before an examination for my daughter. I hope everyone will like this

  5. And Louis Pasteur discovered the vaccine for small pox

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