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CBSE Class 6/7/8/9 - French Grammar (Les Verbes -ir-group)

Les Verbes

Most verbs whose infinitive ends with ’ir’ verbs is conjugated by removing the ‘r’ ending and adding –s, -s, -t, -ssons, -ssez, -ssent to the radical of the verb.

eg: Infinitive-finir  --- Radical-fini,  Infinitive-rougir  ----  Radical-rougi

Present tense of verb-“ Finir”-to finish

1st person         Singular            Je finis             I finish
2nd person Singular Tu finisYou finish
3rd person Singular (m)Il finitHe finishes
3rd person Singular (f)Elle finitShe finishes
1st person Plural Nous finissons          We finish
2nd person Plural Vous finissez You finish
3rd person Plural (m)Ils finissentThey finish(m.p.)
3rd personPlural (f)Elles finissentThey finish(f.p.)

Verb-Remplir - to fill

Je remplis              I fill
Tu remplisYou fill
Il remplit He fills
Elle remplit She fills
Nous remplissons           We fill
Vous remplissez You fill
Ils remplissentThey fill (m.p.)
Elles remplissentThey fill (f.p.)

Verb-Choisir - to choose

Je choisis             I choose
Tu choisisYou choose
Il choisitHe chooses
Elle choisitShe chooses
Nous choisissons          We choose
Vous choisissez You choose
Ils choisissentThey choose (m.p.)
Elles choisissentThey choose(f.p.)

Verb-Grandir- to grow tall, to increase in size

Je grandis             I grow tall
Tu grandisYou grow tall
Il granditHe grows tall
Elle granditShe grows tall
Nous grandissons          We grow tall
Vous grandissez You grow tall
Ils grandissentThey grow tall (m.p.)
Elles grandissentThey grow tall (f.p.)

(Other ‘ir’ verbs are rougir-to redden, réussir-to succeed etc. )

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