Monday, 29 July 2013

Newspaper Quiz (GK Quiz-7)

Newspaper Quiz
(As submitted by a student from Delhi)

Q1: In which state India's largest nuclear plant located

(a) delhi
(b) punjab
(c) haryana
(d) tamil nadu

Q2: Name the planet where glass falls as rain

(a) venus
(b) saturn
(c) blue planet
(d) mars

Q3: Name the person ,who is famous for making high quality music system,who died recently

(a) Amar Bose
(b) Amar Jain
(c) Amar Singh
(d) Amar Verma

Q4: Name the material which can make internet 100 times faster

(a) iron
(b) graphene
(c) graphite
(d) plastic

Q5: __________ is a planet located outside our solar system orbiting around a star other than sun

(a) exoplanet
(b) endoplanet
(c) hetroplanet
(d) homoplanet

Q6: Name the scientist who gave three laws of motion

(a) albert enistien
(b) issac newton
(c) neil bohr
(d) rutherford

Q7: name the oldest communication technology which has been recently laid to extinct

(a) telegram
(b) telegraph
(c) telephone
(d) telex

Q8: ..............has shown that prince Willams has Indian ancestry           

(a) KFT
(b) LFT
(c) DNA test
(d) lipid profile test

Q9: .............. uses most amount of oxygen in human body

(a) pancreas
(b) brain
(c) gall bladder
(d) spleen

Q10: Recently new species of ................ has been found

(a) spoon worms
(b) earth worm
(c) tape worm
(d) ringworm

1: (d) tamil nadu
2: (c) blue planet
3: (a) Amar bose (Bose Speakers)
4: (b) graphene
5: (a) exoplanet
6: (b) issac newton
7: (a) telegram
8: (c) DNA test
9: (b) brain
10: (a) spoon worms


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