Monday 13 October 2014

CBSE Class 9/10 - PSA Quiz (English)

 PSA Quiz

Q1: In the following there are six sentences marked as A, B, P, Q, R, S. Positions of A and B are fixed. You are requested to choose one of the four alternatives which would be the most logical sequence of sentences in the passage.

A) The similarity between the human body and a machine is rather superficial.
B) The points of difference far outweigh the points of resemblance.
P) Beyond that comparison fails.
Q) No machine grows in size; no machine sees , hears  or feels.
R) It can be summed up in the statement  that both require  fuel and oxygen  and obtain energy.
S) No machine thinks.

(a) SQPR
(b) RPQS
(c) RPSQ
(d) QSPR

Directions: (Q2 - Q6): Identify the word whose spelling is correct.

(a) Profesional
(b) Proffessional
(c) Proffesional
(d) Professional

(a) Schdule
(b) Shidule
(c) Schdulle
(d) Schdule

(a) Intelligence
(b) Intilligence
(c) Intalligence
(d) Intelligance

(a) asshaimed
(b) ashamid
(c) ashimed
(d) ashamed

(a) lectarer
(b) leaturer
(c) lecturir
(d) lecturer

Directions (Q7 - Q11) Choose the meanings closest to the idioms from the given choices.

Q7: To make castles in the air
(a) to be boastful
(b) to be too ambitious
(c) to be conceited
(d) to do day dreaming

Q8: To fight tooth and nail
(a) to fight like a brute
(b) to fight like a losing battle
(c) to make every possible effort to win
(d) to fight heroically

Q9: He cannot make both ends meet.
(a) earn enough
(b) work hard
(c) control affairs
(d) manage the business

Q10: There is no love lost between the two brothers.
(a) cool
(b) intense dislike
(c) a love - hate relationship
(d) close friendship

Q11: Kith and Kin
(a) Neighbours
(b) Friends
(c) Blood relation
(d) Relative

Directions (Q12 - Q16): In each of the following questions out of four alternatives choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentence.

Q12: A post without remuneration
(a) Involuntary
(b) Sinecure
(c) Honorary
(d) Voluntary

Q13:  A person against whom legal action is instituted
(a) Deponent
(b) Litigant
(c) Appellant
(d) Defendant

Q14: A decision on which one cannot go back
(a) infringible
(b) infallible
(c) irrevocable
(d) incorrigible

Q15: A person in charge of a museum
(a) Anthropologist
(b) Usurer
(c) Lexicographer
(d) Curator

Q16: A nursery where children are cared for while their parents are at work.
(a) Childern's Home
(b) Dormitory
(c) Orphanage
(d) Creche

1:  (b) RPQS
2: (d) Professional
3: (d) Schdule
4: (a) Intelligence
5: (d) ashamed
6: (d) lecturer
7: (d) to do day dreaming
8: (c) to make every possible effort to win
9: (a) earn enough
10: (b) intense dislike
11: (c) Blood relation
12: (c) Honorary
13: (d) Defendant
14: (c) irrevocable
15: (d) Curator
16: (d) Creche

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