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CBSE Class 7 Science CH1 - Nutrition In Plants (MCQs)

Nutrition In Plants

CBSE Class 7 Science CH1 - Nutrition In Plants (MCQs)
Pitcher Plant: A carnivorous plant
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Q1: Which of the following is not an end product of photosynthesis?

(a) Oxygen
(b) Carbon dioxide
(c) Water
(d) Glucose

Q2: Which of the following organisms gets its food from dead and decaying matter?

(a) Algae
(b) Fungi
(c) Amoeba
(d) Insectivorous plants

Q3: Which of the following are autotrophs?

(a) all plants
(b) Green plants
(c) All animals
(d) Unicellular organisms

Q4: Photosynthesis is not possible in the absence of ________.

(a) Guard cells
(b) Chlorophyll
(c) Vacuole
(d) Space between cells

Q5: The associations of organism where they live together and share shelter and nutrients is known as ___________.

(a) Saprophyte
(b) Autotroph
(c) Symbiosis
(d) Parasite

Q6: Which of the following are partial parasites ?

(a) green plants
(b) Non-green plants
(c) Either a or b
(d) Neither a nor b

Q7: The internal factor which affects the process of photosynthesis is ___________.

(a) Temperature
(b) Chlorophyll
(c) Light
(d) None of these

Q8: __________ is a saprophyte?

(a) Venus flytrap
(b) Mushroom
(c) lichen
(d) Dodder

Q9: Which of the following is an insectivorous plant?

(a) Lichens
(b) Venus Fly trap
(c) Euglena
(d) Amoeba

Q10: The life processes that provides energy is/are

(a) nutrition
(b) Respiration
(c) Both nutrition and respiration
(d) transpiration

1: (b) Carbon dioxide
2: (b) Fungi
3: (b) Green plants
4: (b) Chlorophyll
5: (c) Symbiosis
6: (c) Either a or b
7: (b) Chlorophyll
8: (b) Mushroom
9: (b) Venus Fly trap
10:(b) Respiration [Hint: Nutrition gives us food. Respiration breaks down food into energy]


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