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Class 8 Our Pasts - Chapter 5 - When People Rebel- 1857 and After (Worksheet)

When People Rebel- 1857 and After

Worksheet based on NCERT Class 8 Our Pasts Chapter 5   
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Fill in the blanks.

1. When soldiers as a group disobey their officers in the army, it is called ___________.

2. In 1849, Governor-General announced that after the death of ______________, the family of the king would be shifted out of the Red Fort and given another place in Delhi to reside in.

3. In 1856, Governor-General _________ decided that Bahadur Shah Zafar would be the last Mughal king.

4. Subedar Sitaram, a sepoy in the Bengal Native Army, served the English for 48 years and retired in 1860. He published his memoirs under the title _______________.

5. On 29 March 1857, a young soldier, __________, was hanged to death for attacking his officers in Barrackpore.

6. __________ means Foreigners. The term reflects an attitude of contempt.

7. In 1857 ________, the adopted son of the late Peshwa Baji Rao who lived near Kanpur, joined the rebels to fight against British forces.

8. The British Parliament passed a new Act in 1858 and transferred the powers of the ____________ to the British Crown.

9. Bahadur Shah Zafar was exiled to _________.

10. In Bihar an old zamindar _____________ led the rebel sepoys and battled with the British for many months.

11. After 1857 rebellion, the title of Governor-General of India was replaced by the title of ________, a personal representative of the Crown.

12. Annexation of _________ by Lord Dalhousie under the pretext of mis-administration caused resentment among the sepoys.

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1. Mutiny
2. Bahadur Shah Zafar
3. Canning
4. From Sepoy to Subedar
5. Mangal Pandey
6. Firangis
7. Nana Saheb
8. East India Company
9. Rangoon.
10. Kunwar Singh
11. Viceroy,
12. Awadh/Oudh


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