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CBSE Class 9/10/11/12 - English Grammar - Phrasal Prepositions

Phrasal Prepositions

CBSE Class 9/10/11/12 - English Grammar - Phrasal Prepositions

Phrasal (or Phrase) prepositions are group of words which are used as a single preposition.

e.g. Manoj couldn't succeed on account of his negligence.

Here 'on account of' is a phrase preposition which means 'for' (reason).

Here is a partial list of phrasal prepositions:

according to
along with
agreeably to
away from
because of
by dint of
by means of
by reason of
by virtue of
by way of
conformably to
for the sake of
in accordance with
in addition to
in (on) behalf of
in case of
in comparison to
in compliance with
in consequence with/of
in course of
in favour of
in front of
in lieu of
in order to
in place of
in reference to
in regard to
in spite of
instead of
in the event of
on account of
owing to
with a view to
with an eye to
with regard to
with reference to

Exercise: Fill in the blanks with suitable preposition(s).

1. He came along _______his sister to meet us.

2. He failed in examination because _____ his laziness.

3. ____ regard ____ his conduct, I have nothing to say.

4. ___ consequence ___ his illness he could not attend the meeting.

5. Keep the baby away _____ the fire.

6. Radha succeeded _____ means ____ hard labour.

7. He fell on his face ___ front ___ his brother.

8. He produced an evidence ____ a view ___ providing his innocence.

9. We have acted ___ accordance ____ your wishes.

10. She persevered ___ spite ___ difficulties.

1: with
2: of
3: With regard to
4: In consequence of
5: from
6: by means of
7: in front of
8: with a view to
9: in accordance with
10: in spite of

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