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CBSE Class 8 - Biology - Cell Organelles, Location and Functions (#cbsenotes)

Cell Organelles, Location and Functions

CBSE Class 8 - Biology - Cell Organelles, Location and Functions (#cbsenotes)

Organelles Present In Description Function
Cell Wall Plants only Outer most covering, stiff shape, made of cellulose Protects the cell from temperature variation, inside water pressure and moisture, procvides structural strength
Cell Membrane Both plants and animals Plants inside the cell wall.
Animal: thin outermost
selectively permeable
Allows exchange of selected substance, supports the cell, separates the cell from its environment.
Nucleus Both plants and animals Oval shaped body Control cell activities, transmits genetics characteristics
Cytoplasm Both plants and animals Thick jelly like fluid containing other cell organelles Site of all life (metabolic) processes, protects cell organelles
Mitochondria Both plants and animals Rod shaped body Site of respiration, releases energy form sugar, called power house of the cell
Golgi body Both plants and animals Parallel stacked vesicles packaging and dispatch of proteins and lipids, helps in lysosomes formation
Endoplasmic reticulum Both plants and animals Networks of tubes and membrane Transportation of materials.
Ribosomes Both plants and animals Small bodies, sometimes attached to endoplasmic reticulum protein synthesis
Vacuole Plant: single and large.
Animal: very small or absent
Sac-like structure in cytoplasm Stores food and water (cell sap)
Plastids Only Plants Small colored bodies in cytoplasm Impart color to leaf, flower and fruit
Lysosomes Generally animals Membrane bound sac in cytoplasm filled with digestive enzymes Eats up(digests) damaged cells and unwanted cell products

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