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CBSE Revision Test - Class 11 - Physics - Motion in Straight Line (#cbsenotes)

Motion in Straight Line

CBSE Revision Test - Class 11 - Physics - Motion in Straight Line (#cbsenotes)

Chapter Revision Test

Q1. A railway train 400m long is going from New Delhi railway station to Kanpur. [1]
   Can we consider railway train as a point object?

Q2. Shipra went from her home to school 2.5km away. On finding her home closed she [1]
   returned to her home immediately. What is her net displacement? What is the total
   distance covered by her?

Q3. Can speed of an object be negative? Justify [1]

Q4. What causes variation in velocity of a particle? [2]

Q5. Figure shown below shows displacement – time curves I and II. What conclusions do you draw from these graphs? [2]

Q6. Displacement of a particle is given by the expression x = 3t² + 7t – 9, where x is in [2]
     meter and t is in seconds. What is acceleration?

Q7. A particle is thrown upwards. It attains a height (h) after 5 seconds and again after [2]
   9s comes back. What is the speed of the particle at a height h?

Q8. A police jeep on a petrol duty on national highway was moving with a speed of [3]
   54km/hr. in the same direction. It finds a thief rushing up in a car at a rate of
   126km/hr in the same direction. Police sub – inspector fired at the car of the thief
   with his service revolver with a muzzle speed of 100m/s. with what speed will the
   bullet hit the car of thief?

Q9. Establish the relation Snth = u + ½a(2n − 1) where the letters have their usual [3]

Q10. A stone is dropped from the top of a cliff and is found to ravel 44.1m diving the last [3]
second before it reaches the ground. What is the height of the cliff? g = 9.8m/s²

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