Thursday 27 April 2017

CBSE Class 11/12, AIPMT/NEET - Biology - List of Important Proteins and Their Occurrence (#cbsenotes)(#biologynotes)

List of Important Proteins and Their Occurrence

Protein Found Where
Albumin Egg White, Milk, Blood Plasma
Actin Muscle Fibres (Contractile protein)
Collagen Tendon, Bones
Casein Milk, Egg Yolk
Keratin Hair, Horn, feathers, Nail
Cytochrome Mitochondria
Elastin Arteries, Ligaments,Yellow Fibres
Fibroin Silk
Formin Cytoskeleton
Haemoglobin Red Blood Cells
Glidin Wheat
Oryzenin Rice
Phosphoprotein Milk, Yolk
Liboprotein Cell Membrane
Nulceoprotein Ribosomes, Virus, Chromosomes
Globulin Blood Plasma, Milk, Soyabean
Glutelin Cereals (e.g. Wheat)
Histones Nucleic Acids
Glycoprotein Mucus, Some Pitutary Hormons (FSH, LH)
Insulin Pancreas
Protamines Nuclues of Testes for spermatogenesis
RuBisCo Plants, Algae, Cyanobacteria. The most abundant protein
in the world. Does carbon fixation in photosynthesis.

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