Monday 16 October 2017

CBSE Class 12 - Business Studies - Ch4 Directing (Practice Test) (#cbseNotes)


CBSE Class 12 - Business Studies - Ch4 Directing (Practice Test) (#cbseNotes)

Max. Time : 50 min. M.M. 25

1. Supervision needs effective communication in the organisation. Comment. 1

2. How does communication help in increasing managerial efficiency? 1

3. What is Laissez-faire leadership style? 1

4. "Resistance from people to introduce changes in the organisation can be removed through motivation". Explain.

5. "Every action in the organisation is initiated through directing". Give four points to explain this statement.

6. Maslow‟s need-hierarchy is considered fundamental to understanding of motivation. Explain the role of need hierarchy in motivation.

7. During the annual function of ABC Ltd., the employees were interacting with each other. One of the supervisors gave a suggestion to the Manager of his Department. The manager appreciated the suggestion very much. He gave an appreciation letter to the supervisor during the function, to encourage him. This had a positive effect on other employees also:

i. Identify the type of communication used. Give two advantages of such communication.

ii. Identify the type of incentive referred above.

8. Rohit was working in an enterprise on daily wage basis. It was difficult for him to fulfill the basic needs of his family. His daughter fell ill. He had no money for his daughter‟s treatment. To meet the expenses of her treatment, he
participated in a cycle race and won the prize money. The cycle company offered him a permanent pensionable job which he happily accepted.

a. By quoting the lines from the above paragraph identify the needs of Rohit that are satisfied by the offer of cycle company.

b. Explain two other needs of Rohit followed by above that are still to be satisfied.

9. Teja Ltd. is an organization manufacturing generators. The marketing manager delegates the task to five sales representatives working under him. Among them three sales representatives were able to achieve their respective targets. As a result, the marketing manager talks to the CEO of the company to recognize the performance of the three sales representatives. The company decides to upgrade their cadre and their salary package also.

i. Name and explain the element of directing function which the company assures the three representatives to achieve their targets.

ii. Which values does the company inculcate in the other two sales representatives?


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