Saturday 14 April 2018

Entrance Exams/CTET/NTSE/Class 9 - Agricultural Revolutions (#ntsenotes)(#entranceexams)(#eduvictors)

Agricultural Revolutions

Entrance Exams/CTET/NTSE/Class 9 - Agricultural Revolutions (#ntsenotes)(#entranceexams)(#eduvictors)

Protein Revolution 
- higher productivity (Technology driven 2nd green revolution)
- coined by - Modi & Arun Jaitely

Green Revolution 
- Food grains
         - Green revolution "word" COINED by  William S Goud - UK

White Revolution or Operation Flood
-Milk production

Yellow Revolution 
- Oil Seeds production
- Sam Pitroda

Black Revolution 
- Petroleum Production

Blue Revolution 
- Fish Production
- Dr. Arun Krishnan

Brown Revolution 
- Leather/non-conventional (India)/Cocoa production

Golden Fiber Revolution 
- Jute Production

Golden Revolution 
- Fruits/Horticulture development/Honey Production
- Nirpakh Tuteja

Grey Revolution 
- Fertilizer

Pink Revolution 
- Onion production/Pharmaceutical (India)/Prawn production
- Durgesh Patel

Father Of Induced Breeding - PROF. HIRLAL. CHAUDRI

Red Revolution 
- Meat & Tomato Production
- Vishal Tiwari

Round Revolution 
- Potato

Silver Fiber Revolution 
- Cotton

Silver Revolution 
- Egg/Poultry Production
- Indira Gandhi

Evergreen Revolution 
- Overall development of Agriculture
- Started in 11th plan (2007-2012)

Father of Telecom revolution - Sam Pitroda

Father of poultry revolution - B.V.RAO

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