Friday 6 July 2018

CBSE CLASS 9 - BIOLOGY - CELL: FUNDAMENTAL UNIT OF LIFE (Worksheet)(#cbsenotes)(#eduvictors)



Fill in the blanks with suitable words.

1. The fundamental organizational unit of life is the _______.

2. Cells are enclosed by a plasma membrane composed of ________ and _______.

3. Plasma membrane is a __________ permeable membrane.

4. In plant cells, a cell wall composed of _________ is located outside the cell membrane.

5. In prokaryotes, the nuclear membrane is ________.

6. The ____________________ functions both as passageway for intra cellular transport and as manufacturing surface.

7. ________ are membrane-bound sacs filled with digestive enzymes.

8. The ______________ consists of stacks of membranes bound vesicles that function in the storage and packaging.

9. __________ are also known as the powerhouse of the cell.

10. Two types of plastids are present in cell; ____________ (colourful) and ___________ (transparent).

11. ______ are the storage sacs for solids or liquid contents.

12. All cells arise from _________ cells.

13. Gametes of reproductive organs are formed by cell division called _________.

14. _______ plays a crucial role in detoxifying many poisons and drugs.

15. Process of building and repairing cell membrane is called ________ __________.

1: cell
2: lipids, proteins
3: selectively
4: cellulose
5: absent
6: endoplasmic reticulum
7: Lysosomes
8: Golgi apparatus
9: Mitochondria
10: chromoplastids, leucoplastids
11: Vacuoles
12: pre-existing
13: meiosis
14: SER
15: membrane biogenesis.

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