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CBSE Class 6 - Chapter-wise Science Quiz (#cbsenotes)(#eduvictors)

Class 6 - Science Quiz

CBSE Class 6 - Chapter-wise Science Quiz (#cbsenotes)(#eduvictors)

Science plays a crucial role in setting the progressive path of our society. It is one way of knowing about the world. Science is a seamless web of knowledge. It is the search for truth and knowledge. Scientists suggest explanations of why things are as they are, and then they test those explanations, using experiments.

Plants make their own food from the Sun’s rays. Everything in the living world needs food to survive. Magnets exert a force called magnetism, which can attract certain objects – especially those containing iron. The main objective of teaching science at class 6 level is to build a scientific temperament. 

Here follows a list of multiple choice based quizzes based on CBSE Class 6 syllabus:

Ch1  Food: Where does it come From (MCQs)

CH2 Components of Food (MCQs)

CH3 Fibre to Fabric(MCQs-1)

CH3 Fibre to Fabric(MCQs-2)

CH4 Sorting Material into Groups (MCQs)

Play Game: Sort Vegetables and Fruits

CH5 Separation of Substances (MCQs-1)

CH5 Separation Of Substances (MCQs-2)

CH6 Changes Around Us (MCQs)

CH6 Changes Around Us (MCQs-1)

Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.
- Carl Sagan
CH7 Getting to know plants(MCQs)

Ch8 Body Movements (MCQs)

CH9 The Living Organisms and Their Surroundings (MCQs)

CH10 Motion and Measurements (MCQs)

CH11 Light Shadows and Reflections(MCQs)

CH12 Electricity and Circuits (MCQs)

CH13 Fun With Magnets (MCQs)

CH14 Water (MCQs)

CH 15 Air Around Us (MCQs)

Science Quiz-1
Science Quiz-2 
Science Quiz-3