Friday 15 March 2019

Sentence Correction - Noun Errors(#englishgrammar)(#eduvictors)

Sentence Correction - Noun Errors

Common Errors In English

Sentence Correction - Noun Errors(#englishgrammar)(#eduvictors)

Question: Following sentences have noun related errors. Identify the error(s) and write the correct sentence.

1. This five rupees note is a soiled one.

2. Riches have wings.

3. A large number of the fishes died due to water pollution.

4. The sceneries of Kashmir are charming.

5. The author's book is not good.

6. A large number of cattles were grazing.

7. The building is made of bricks and stones.

8. The jury consist of twelve persons.

9: All the radius of a circle are equal.

10: There are crisises in every man's life.

1: five rupee note
2: Riches has wings
3: number of the fish
4: The scenery of Kashmir is charming.
5: The book of this author is not good.
6: cattle
7: brick and stone
8: consists of
9: radii
10: There are crises every man's life.

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