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CBSE Class 10 - Civics - Chapter 6 - Political Parties - MCQs (Set-2)(#eduvictors)(#cbsenotes)

Political Parties 

MCQs (Set-2)
Class 10 Civics
CBSE Class 10 - Civics - Chapter 6 - Political Parties - MCQs (Set-2)(#eduvictors)(#cbsenotes)

Q1: Which of the following is the most visible institutions in a democracy?
a) Leaders
b) Political parties
c) Govt.
d) People

Q2: How many political parties are registered with the election commission of India?
a) Less than 100
b) Between 100 to 500
c) Between 500 to 750
d) More than 750

Q3: A Political party has to satisfy the following criteria to be recognized as a national party __ 
a) 6% votes of total votes in Lok sabha or assembly elections of four status
b) At least 6 Lok sabha seats
c) 12% votes of total votes in Lok sabha
d) At least 12 Lok sabha seats

Q4: How many political parties were recognized as National parties in India in 2006?
a) 06
b) 16
c) 750
d) 21

Q5: How many Lok sabha constituencies are there in India at present?
a) 540
b) 543
c) 547
d) 563

Q6: Area wise which is the largest Lok Sabha constituency in India?
a) Karol Bag
b) Ghaziabad
c) Mumbai Cart
d) Ladakh

Q7: The Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) came to power in 1998 as the leader of
a) United Progressive Alliance
b) Left front
c) National Democratic Alliance
d) None of these

Q8: Which party system does India follow—
a) Single party system
b) Two party system
c) Multi party system
d) All of them

Q9: What is Bye–election?
a) Elections held to fill a vacancy caused by the death or any other house.
b) Election held after a specific period.
c) Election held to farm the new govt.
d) Election held in between the fixed term of the house.

Q10: Who is the founder of the Bahujan Samajwadi Party (BSP)
a) Jyotibai Phule
b) Kanshi Ram
c) B. R. Ambedkar
d) Maya Vati

Q11: On what ideology close the Indian National Congress rest?
a) Communalism
b) Socialism
c) Federation
d) Secularism

Q12: Which political party from the six main parties was formed as late as in 1999?
a) BJP
b) CPI
c) NCP
d) BSP

Q13: The law that says if any MLA or MP changes parties, he or she will lose the seat in the legislature, is –
a) Anti detection law
b) Anti criminal law
c) Anti monument law
d) Anti party law

Q14: Which of the following pairs is not correct?
a) Role of money and muscle power -- challenge to political parties
b) Anti detection law -- Reformation of political parties
c) Multi party system -- The USA and the UK
d) Indian National Congress -- United Progressive Alliance

Q15: The party that believes in Marxism – Leninism and supports socialism, secularism and democracy and opposes imperialism is—
a) Communist Party of India
b) Communist party of India – Marxist
c) Bahujan Samaj Party
d) Indian National Congress


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