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CBSE Class 12 - Biology - Chapter - Evolution - Questions and Answers (#class12Bioogy)(#eduvictors)

Chapter - Evolution - Questions and Answers

CBSE Class 12 - Biology

CBSE Class 12 - Biology - Chapter - Evolution - Questions and Answers (#class12Bioogy)(#eduvictors)

1- Mark Questions

Q1: Who proposed Big Bang theory?

Answer: Abbe Lemaitre in 1931.

Q2: Who proposed Panspermia theory?

Answer:  Richter in 1865.

Q3: What was Panspermia theory?

Answer: Panspermia theory stated that  life came from outside in the form of spores.

Q4: Who put forward mutation theory?

Answer: Hugo De Vries in 1901.

Q5: Who poposed theory of natural selection?

Answer: Charles Darwin

Q6: Who wrote 'Origin of Life' ?

Answer: A. I. Oparin.

Q7: Name the scientist who disproved spontaneous generation theory?

Answer: Louis Pasteur disproved spontaneous generation (also called abiogenesis) theory and proved biogenesis.

Q8: What is palaentology?

Answer: It is the study of past life based on fossil records.

Q9: Who formulated the Recapitulation theory or Biogenetic Law?

Answer: Haeckel.

Q10: Who porposed the first theory of evolution, is also known as 'The inheritance of Acquired Characters in Organisms'?

Answer: Lamarck

Q11: Who developed the theory of genetic drift?

Answer: Sewal Wright.

Q12: What are missing links? Give an example.

Answer: Fossils that show combined features of two groups are termed missing links, e.g. Archaeopteryx.

Q13: What are connecting links? Give an example.

Answer: Living organisms possessing characters of two different groups of organisms are known as the connecting links.
Examples — Euglena: between plants and animals

Q14: State a reason for the increased population of dark coloured moths coinciding with the loss of lichens (on tree barks) during industrialisation period in England.

Answer: During industrialisation, SO₂ pollution from burning of coal killed Lichens exposing darker bark. White moths were selectively picked up by birds and black moths escaped unnoticed resulting in increase in their population.

Q15: According to De-Vries what is saltation?

Answer: Saltation means single step large mutation that causes species formation thus causing evolution.

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