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CBSE Class 12 - Business Studies - Planning (Worksheet) (#eduvictors)(#class12BusinessStudies)(#cbse2020)

Planning (Worksheet) 

Class 12 - Business Studies
CBSE Class 12 - Business Studies - Planning (Worksheet) (#eduvictors)(#class12BusinessStudies)(#cbse2020)

 Directions: Read the following sentences and state whether the statement is TRUE or FALSE. 

1. Planning is an exclusive function of top management

2. Planning is closely connected with creativity and innovation.

3. Budget is a standing plan.

4. Planning provides the basis of all other function.

5. Supportive plans derive from main plan.

6. The scope for planning are same at all levels.

7. Routine steps to carry out activities are called programs.

8. Planning assures guarantee of success.

9. A comprehensive plan to achieve long-term objectives is called strategy.

10. Planning is a prerequisite for controlling.

1: False. It is a task at all levels.
2: True
3: False (Budget is a single use plan)
4: True 
5: True.
6: False
7: False (Routine steps are called procedures.)
8: False (Changes in environment, uncertainties may avert success to failure. e.g. Covid-19 pandemic led many successful companies to shutdown.)
9. True
10. True

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