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Class 10 - Chemistry - Carbon and Its Compounds - Very Short Answer Based Questions (VSQA)(#eduvictors)(#class10Chemistry)(#cbseClass10)

Carbon and Its Compounds - Very Short Answer Based Questions (VSQA)

Class 10 - Chemistry 
Class 10 - Chemistry - Carbon and Its Compounds - Very Short Answer Based Questions (VSQA)(#eduvictors)(#class10Chemistry)(#cbseClass10)

Very Short Answer Based Questions (VSQA)

Q1: Define catenation.

Answer: The property of a carbon atom to link with other carbon atoms is known as catenation.

Q2: What is isomerism? .

Answer: Isomerism is a phenomenon in which compounds have the same molecular formula but different structural formula. ;

Q3: What are hydrocarbons?

Answer: The compounds containing carbon and hydrogen are known as hydrocarbons. For example, methane (CH₄).

Q4: Name the element whose one of the allotropic forms is buckminsterfullerene.

Answer : Carbon

Q5: Which of the following are called alkanes? 
CH₄, C₃H₈, C₄H₈, C₅H₈

Answer: CH₄ and C₃H₈ are alkanes as they are satisfy the formula CnH2n+2.

Q6: Name the black substance of pencil. Will the current flow through the electrical circuit when we use the sharpened ends of the pencil to complete the circuit ?

Answer: Graphite. Yes, current will flow through the circuit since graphite is a good conductor of electricity.

Q7:  What is the general formula of alkene and alkynes?

Answer: Alkene: CnH2n
Alkyne: CnH2n-2

Q8: Write the formula of alkane with 58 hydrogen atoms. 

Answer: CnH2n+2 

   ∴ 2n +2 = 58 and n= 28

The formula of alkane with 58 hydrogen atoms is C₂₈H₅₈.

Q9: Write the IUPAC names of the following :
(i) CH₃COCH₃ 
(ii) CH₃COCH₂CH₃

   (i) Propanone
  (ii) Butanone

Q10: What happens when methane is burnt in air?

Answer:  Methane burns in air with the formation of carbon dioxide and water.

CH₄ +2O₂   ---- →  CO₂ +2H₂O + Heat

Q11: Write the formulae of methanoic acid.

Answer: Methanoic acid: HCOOH

Q12: ‘What is the molecular formula of alcohol which is derived from pentane?

Answer: Pentane: C₅H₁₂ 

The alcohol is pentanol: C₅H₁₁OH 

Q13: What is meant by a functional group?

Answer: An ‘atom’ or ‘a group of atoms’ which makes a carbon compound (or organic compound) reactive and decides its properties (or functions) is called a functional group.

Q14: Name the three allotropes of carbon.

  (i) Diamond, 
  (ii) Graphite, 
  (iii) Buckminsterfullerene

Q15: Why does carbon form compounds mainly by covalent bonding?

Answer: Carbon atoms can achieve the inert gas electron arrangement only by the sharing of electrons, therefore, carbon always forms covalent bonds.

Q16: Name the gas evolved when ethanoic acid is added to sodium carbonate.

Answer: Carbon dioxide (CO₂) gas.

Q17: Name the product formed when hydrogen is added to ethene.

Answer: Ethane is formed when hydrogen is added to ethene. (Hydrogenation).

Q18: The sodium salt of a long chain fatty acid is called _________.

Answer: Soap

Q19: Why do use of synthetic detergents cause pollution of water?

Answer: In general, synthetic detergents are not bio-degradable, that is they cannot be decomposed by micro organisms like bacteria and hence cause water pollution.

Q20: Name the functional group present in propanal.

Answer: -CHO

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