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Class 8 Science - Metals and Non-Metals (Worksheet) (#eduvictors)(#cbse2020)(#class8Science)

Metals and Non-Metals (Worksheet)

Class 8 Science (Based on CBSE Syllabus)
Class 8 Science - Metals and Non-Metals (Worksheet) (#eduvictors)(#cbse2020)(#class8Science)

Fill in the blanks with suitable words.

1. A metal that is liquid at room temperature______________

2. A non-metal that is liquid at room temperature ______________

3. Two metals that can be easily cut with knife __________and ___________

4. A property which allows metals to be hammered into thin sheets _______________

5. A property which enables metals to be drawn into wires _________________

6. Metal which neither reacts with cold water nor with hot water ______________

7. Metal that does not corrode in air _____________

8. An element ‘X’ forms a basic oxide. ‘X’ is a _________.

9. The gas evolved when a metal reacts with acid _______________, the gas burns with pop sound.

10. Non-metal which also show lustre ________________

11. _____ is that property of metals which produces ringing sound on hitting.

12. Solid ___________ are soft and dull. They break down into a powdery mass on tapping with a hammer.

13. If a copper vessel is left open in the presence of moist air, then, a dull green coating will be observed on it. The green material is a mixture of _______________ and ________________ .

14. ________ oxides are acidic in nature.

15. A non-metal ________ is very reactive with air and is kept in water to prevent an explosion.

Class 8 Science - Metals and Non-Metals (Worksheet) (#eduvictors)(#cbse2020)(#class8Science)

1: Mercury (Hg)
2: Bromine (Br)
3: Sodium (Na) and Potassium (K)
4: Malleability
5: Ductility
6: Iron (Fe) or Copper (Cu) [Note: Iron reacts with steam, Copper does not react with water.]  
7: Gold, Platinum [Note: Aluminium form a protective layer of Aluminium Oxide which prevents further corrosion].
8: Metal (Metal Oxides are basic in nature).
9: Hydrogen gas (H₂)
10: Iodine (I), Graphite (C)
11. Sonorous
12. non-metals
13. copper hydroxide Cu(OH)₂,  copper carbonate CuCO₃.
14. Non-metal
15. Phosphorous (Ph)

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