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CBSE Class 9 Maths - Circles - Quiz (#class9Maths)(#eduvictors)(#QuizOnCircles)

CBSE Class 9 Maths - Circles - Quiz 

CBSE Class 9 Maths - Circles - Quiz  (#class9Maths)(#eduvictors)(#QuizOnCircles)

MCQs (Q1 - Q10)

Q1. The diameter of a circle is also a 

   (a) secant 

   (b) tangent 

   (c) radius 

   (d) chord

Q2. An equilateral triangle ABC is inscribed in a circle with centre O.The measure of ∠BOC is 

  (a) 110⁰ 

  (b) 100⁰ 

  (c) 120⁰ 

  (d) 130⁰ 

Q3. If a circle is divided into three equal arcs,each is a _______. 

  (a) major arc 

  (b) minor arc 

  (c) semicircle 

  (d) major segment 

Q4. If two arcs of congruent circles are equal,then their corresponding chords are 

  (a) equal 

  (b) perpendicular 

  (c) parallel 

  (d) intersecting 

Q5. The angle subtended by the diameter of a semicircle is: 

  (a) 45° 

  (b) 180° 

  (c) 90° 

  (d) 60° 

Q6. In terms of radius, a diameter is equals to 





Q7. A line from center to circumference of a circle is known as 

   (a) diameter 

   (b) radius 

   (c) area 

   (d) midpoint 

Q8. Circumference of circle (for given radius r) is calculated by 

   (a) 2πr 

   (b) 2π/r 

   (c) πr²  

   (d) πr 

Q9. Equal chords of a circle subtend _______ angles at the centre. 

    (a) half 

    (b) one-third 

    (c) one-fourth 

    (d) equal 

Q10. The centre of a circle lies in _______ of the circle. 

   (a) interior 

   (b) exterior 

   (c) boundary 

   (d) none of these 

Directions: Fill in the blanks.

Q11. A circle is a ________ figure, contained by one line. 

Q12. The sum of either pair of _________angles of a cyclic quadrilateral is 180° 

Q13. The ______________from the centre of a circle to a chord ____________the chord. 

Q14. A circle has _________ number of equal chords. 

Q15. Segment of a circle is the region between an arc and ________ of the circle. 

Q16. What is the minimum number of points required to determine a unique circle?


1: (d) chord

2: (c)120⁰ 

3: (b) minor arc 

4: (a) equal 

5: (b) 180°

6: (b)2r 

7:  (b) radius 

8: (a) interior

9: (d) equal 

10: (a) interior 

11: plane

12: opposite

13: perpendicular, bisects

14: infinite

15: chord

16: three non-collinear points

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